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Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette: An Enigma Whose Activities Speak Volume

Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette: An Enigma Whose Activities Speak Volume

…Unveiling the New Face behind ADC Uyo Senatorial District Candidacy

By Christian George

The Uyo Senatorial District is about to heave a sigh of relief as African Democratic Party has unveiled a new face behind its Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) senatorial candidacy. Princess ((Dr.) Victor Ibokette who is the first woman who will occupant the top legislative position in the senatorial district is believed to be the finest and best fit to represent the constituency has, in her records, the nitty-gritty of representation which can be traced to her floating an organization which caters for the oppressed, poverty-stricken, etc and making them have a taste of good life by offering skill acquisition programmes, capacity building as well as restoration of hope to the dejected.

Just like in the days of old, women of virtues were hard to find and in any case, any is spotted, such is adorned with several responsibilities and are seen not to have failed in their callings. Their names rang the bell and their appearance came with solution to whatever puzzle the society might be into, this will be the lot of Uyo Senatorial District during the reign of Princess ((Dr.) Victor Ibokette is the senator representing the area.

As if her parents had knowledge of the time that she was named Victoria, knowing that she, just like scriptural women like Deborah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, among other things was of great impact in their days. Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette, was recently honoured with an Honorary Doctorate degree award (Honoris Causa) at the Main Bowl of Onyeama Okechukwu Auditorium, University of Uyo Town Campus by Peace International Interdisciplinary Research Institute (PIIRI) during an international conference in partnership with HiPDET University, Bamenda, Cameron, recently.

She is vying for the senatorial seat in the Uyo Senatorial District under the aegis of the African Democratic Congress, which is believed by many to be divinely orchestrated for “the purpose of God according to election might stand, not by works but of him that called”, as stated in Romans 9:11.

Dr. Ibokette’s generosity is in-born. She takes everyone as herself and to be able to see to the need of the people, she established Princess Victoria Ibokette Foundation, a non-profit organization geared towards empowering the incapacitated with the view to ensuring that lives, even to the grassroots, are touched positively.

As a woman girded with beauty, splendor, elegance and intelligence; armed with energy, vigor, vibrancy and strength, she is humble yet humane; fair yet firm, she serves with passion and derives pleasure in her calling as a minister of the gospel.

It is also worthy of note that even with her motherly propensity, she is also a well-trained security expert, an attribute that is lacking in the new generation of mothers.  This makes her always accountable for everything under her care. Many concur that her height aids her to attain greater height and she is not just fair in complexion but in action, attributes and words. Maybe these attributes contributed to the unanimous agreement of the party moguls to surrender the mandate of representation to her knowing that she is the one with the solution to the conundrum in the senatorial district.

This could inform some political big wigs in the state who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette’s acceptance and pedigree surpasses all other candidates in the Senatorial District, “I am talking as a party man, in my party, the PDP we have a candidate but I can tell you without equivocation that this lady’s CV, not in the political arena but in social and corporate sectors has by far beat our candidate and that of all other candidates in our district as at this present political dispensation. Some of us have taken our position about it, we will vote her, this one is not the matter of party, infact, in 2023, the party will not matter but individual and I know many who told me about Ibokette and all she is doing for the less privileged in Etinan”.

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