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Rape and Defilement are so mal á propos that one begins to wonder if the perpetrators are actually sane.  Me think that while rape involves young women who sometimes are from 15 years of age and above, defilement is the most alarming.  A six-month-old baby is defiled by a man old enough to be a father or even a grandfather. The question is what is responsible for this pattern of behaviour?  The boldaciousness of these miscreants makes them think they are invincible.

Come to think of it that it is at a time like this where the physical gathering is highly verboten, that the devil of rape is let loose. One would have thought that these scoundrels would have some element of fear. That means the fear that catching them will be easier now because everyone is not far from their places of abode. But oh! No. they are even more bolstered to carry on with impunity.

Incest is another cankerworm that is permeating society. Fathers no more think of their daughters as their blood but as objects of sexual abuse. It does seem that at a certain period in this nation, different evil entities dominate the society with the view to propagating a given evil pattern. Sometimes, the spirit of armed robbery will be let loose while at another time; it is that of vulgarity.  Yet this is a nation where religiosity is the order of the day. These evils know no region, religion, tribe or creed. It is as fecund in the north as it is in the south. Even an animist is not left out. His avid belief in everything being spiritual does not in anywhere dissuade the individual.

One most surprising aspect of rape, defilement and incest is the fact that the pulpit and houses of worship are not spared. These devils use these sanctums with impunity in attaining these dastardly acts. It does not require myriads of pages of writing to bring to the knowledge of these non-achievers and societal misfits that their action is bad enough to prove to them that even certain animals do not practice what they are practising. It is beyond human imagination that sexual orgy must be fulfilled without consent and worst still, to the point of defiling a minor. The situation is so unthinkable that one cannot but exclaim-OH! NO-man has become worse than an animal. The authority will do well by prescribing the tautest of penalties to serve as a deterrent to any would-be rapist and those who would want to envision defiling a minor. Just thinking aloud and I should be allowed.

Richard Akpan is Head of ICT, National Institute for Nigerian Languages, Aba, Abia State

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