1. Senator Anyim Pius Anyim hails from Ishiagu in Ivo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. He was once a President of the Senate and also former Secretary to the Government of the Federation of Nigeria, but some of his actions and inactions in the past and currently put such exalted positions to shame and disrepute.
  1. In response to the verifiable singular accusation leveled against Pius Anyim by the Ebonyi State Governor, Engr Dave Umahi, based on reliable intelligence, that in response to the Governor’s defection from PDP to APC, Pius Anyim was plotting to destabilize Ebonyi State, Pius Anyim downloaded venom and gutter language on His Excellency Engr Dave Umahi, one of the most consistent, result oriented, pragmatic and yet very humble Governors in Nigeria.
  1. Pius Anyim accused the Governor of being a cultist, ritualist and being a murderer and many more. Sen Pius Anyim wrote as if he was grossly uneducated and oblivious of the legal implications and how much such words mirror him in the eyes of the discerning public. Pius Anyim’s write up has exposed him as one who dances naked in the market square.
  1. For record purposes we have chosen to keep our amiable Governor out of this controversy and address Pius Anyim, who is from our community, Ishiagu.


  1. Sen Anyim Pius Anyim plunged Ishiagu Community into crisis of relationship with every sitting governor and Government of Ebonyi State from 1999 to May 2015. Pius Anyim is a split personality, both of them evil. He was on war path with Dr Sam Egwu as a sitting Governor (1999 – 2007) and Governor Martin Elechi (2007 – 2015). Arising from this crisis of relationship, there were series of conflicts resulting in the death of many.
  1. On account of this conflictual relationship Ishiagu community was denied dividends of democracy for almost 16 years because of Anyim Pius Anyim. As a community, we suffered tremendously because our son, Senator Pius Anyim, levied unnecessary wars of ego and personality clash against sitting Governors of Ebonyi State.
  1. Meanwhile, from 1999 to 2015, Sen Pius Anyim as sitting Senate President for about three years and Secretary to the Government of the Federation for four years failed to attract even one kilometer road to Ishiagu, no political patronages to our people, not to talk of an industry. The only time Julius Berger entered Ebonyi State and Ishiagu Community in particular was to fence massive community land Emperor Sen Anyim Pius Anyim forcefully took from villagers and also to build a road leading to his house. The Community is still in a state of disquiet concerning the land he confiscated as an Emperor.
  1. Other crushing intimidation and contradictions suffered by Ishiagu Community in the hands of Emperor Anyim Pius Anyim include the following, interference in community and Town Union elections, raising of armed thugs to cause crisis, intimidation of families and land grabbing.
  1. On 29th May 2015, our community heaved a sigh of relief when Pius Anyim started relating very closely with the current Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr Dave Umahi. Life, joy, peace and development surged into our land as the Governor surprised Ivo Local Government Area with infrastructural facilities, human capital development and lots of political appointments. Subsequently, visible evidences of dividends of democracy abound in the area and every part of Ebonyi State because of the unparalleled efforts of our dear Governor, Engr Dave Umahi.
  1. The people of Ivo Local Government Area were happy with the very close relationship between Governor Dave Umahi and Sen Anyim Pius Anyim. In fact, Sen Anyim and Governor Umahi wined and dined together on regular basis. We are aware that Pius Anyim was awarded many contracts by the Governor, including the Nzerem/Okue/Eke Ishiagu road It is also a common knowledge among us that Pius Anyim was blessed with cash gifts on regular basis, cows/large quantities of rice/yam every festival period, Ebonyi State sponsored catering services during various meetings in Pius Anyim’s residence in Ishiagu, gift of vehicles, security services fully sponsored by Ebonyi State Government.
  1. However, in the midst of all these largesse and patronages showered regularly on our brother, Pius Anyim, he would still from time to time gossip that he was not getting his due share from Ebonyi State Government. We know that Pius Anyim’s greed is like grave. He can never be satisfied with anything. Notwithstanding, the Governor humbled himself always before Pius Anyim, answering him sir, sir, sir at all times and shaking him with two hands.


  1. On 19th of November 2020, things changed dramatically in the mutual and very warm relationship between Governor Umahi and Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim because Ebonyi State Governor decamped from PDP to APC. All of a sudden Sen Anyim Pius Anyim began to spit fire against his friend, Governor Umahi. He wanted us to queue behind him and levy war against the Governor. We took exception to this because the Governor has been a great blessing to Ivo Local Government Area in particular and Ebonyi State at large. He pulled Ebonyi State out of obscurity and darkness to the limelight through unprecedented and unparalleled developmental efforts which are evidently scattered across the State.
  1. We as Ivo people dissociate ourselves from Sen Anyim Pius Anyim’s unwarranted hostility against the amiable Governor of Ebonyi State. We are massively and proudly behind Governor Umahi in our new Party, APC. We refuse to join Sen Pius Anyim in fighting his senseless war. We are also not ready for him to lead us into isolation and unnecessary crisis.

12  Concerning Sen Anyim’s hostile letter to our great and action Governor, we wish to raise the following points:

  1. a) At what point in their relationship did Sen. Anyim realize that Governor Dave Umahi was a cultist, murderer and ritualist? For almost 5 years Sen Anyim was wining and dining with Governor Umahi, he didn’t find out these his alleged dark life of Governor Umahi until few days to 19th November 2020 when Governor Umahi defected from PDP to APC? Early last month, Governor Umahi gave Sen. Anyim cash grant collected by one of his aides and a gift of brand new Hilux vehicle fitted with neon lights. Pius Anyim collected all the gift just last month from a cultist, a murder and a ritualist. If Governor Umahi is a ritualist, then Sen Anyim Pius Anyim must have initiated him into it. Sen Anyim Pius Anyim, you are a hypocrite and an enemy of all righteousness. We are ashamed of having you as our son. Instead of bringing us glory, you are a reproach and a burden to us.
  1. b) Why does Pius Anyim appropriate and reprobate at the same time. He called Governor Umahi a ritualist/occultist and in another breath, he wrote that “Pastor Ononye was the pastor to Gov. Umahi’s campaign organization in 2015. Midway into his term, he requested the pastor to start praying for the next term.” Do ritualists and occultists retain the services of pastors? Only Christians believe in the efficacy of prayers to the Almighty God through Jesus Christ. For the records, only few persons in positions of political power have the deep religious persuasions of Governor Umahi. Long before he entered politics, he was formally ordained a Deacon in Christ Embassy Church. He was equally born into a deeply Christian family. A number of his siblings we know are Pastors and Deacons in various Pentecostal Churches. Under Governor Umahi, Ebonyi State Government severally organized Christian thanksgiving services. Governor Umahi built the biggest and most sophisticated Ecumenical Centre in Nigeria. Governor Umahi built concrete road with street lights to many Churches in Abakaliki.


  1. It would be recalled that between 2000 and 2003, this same Anyim as the leader of Abuja group swiped on H E Sam. Egwu during his tenure as Governor and leveled all sorts of criminal allegations against him, and funded a motion to declare a State of Emergency on the Government of Dr. Sam Egwu. It took God’s grace for the Governor to get out of the evil plan of this Ebonyi man whose reign as Senate President and Secretary to Government of the Federation brought woes to the good people of Ebonyi State.
  1. This same Anyim took on Dr. Sam Egwu’s appointees, including Anyim’s kinsman, Chief James Aroh Nweke,( a Council Chairman during Dr. Sam Egwu’s reign) whom he deliberately accused falsely of killing a DPO of his Local Government Area. Anyim used his contact and resources to prosecute that false criminal allegation and came down by himself to Ebonyi State Police Command and Zone 6 Calabar to personally supervise his petition. Anyim’s plan was to terminate the political life of Chief James Aroh Nweke ( Ocheta Oha 1of Ishiagu) by putting him in prison for his lifetime.  Man proposes, God disposes.
  1. During the war between Anyim Pius and a sitting Governor, Dr. Sam. Egwu, many people were killed in broad day light. Four innocent civilians from Ishielu were killed by the bullets of armed men for which the then Governor fingered Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim. Anyim has not refuted that allegation till today even as the court has sentenced to death, those involved. The blood of these innocent people including those sentenced to death and the sufferings of their loved ones are already hurting Senator Anyim.
  1. Between 2000 and 2006, Ivo Local Government Area was made a theatre of war by Anyim. Lives were lost, properties worth millions of Naira were destroyed. Anyim was directly accused and till today, he has not denied it. The case of killing of Elder John Oti of Okue Ishiagu in broad day light and Mrs. Elizabeth Ajah of Ogwor Ishiagu is still hanging on his neck as the victims’ relatives are sure he was the mastermind. One of Anyim’s henchmen who led the attack was eventually convicted to death by hanging. The only reward the people of Ivo LGA could get on his seven years of occupying his exalted public office is massive underdevelopment of the area.
  1. Till today, there’s no structure or infrastructure (not even a primary school funded by Federal Government) standing to the credit of a man who had a rare privilege of being a Senate President and Secretary to the Government of the Federation. If not for His Excellency Ike Ekweremadu and His Excellency, Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE, Ishiagu wouldn’t have had a single road. IF ANYBODY SAYS THIS IS NOT TRUE OF SEN. ANYIM, LET HIM DISAGREE WITH FACTS AND FIGURES FOR THE PLEASURE OF THE PUBLIC.
  1. Anyim has the guts to boast that he is the richest man in Ebonyi State today and is a money lender that lends in billions of Naira to people contesting election. Yet you will never see any industry or factory or business outfit to his credit that can create job for our people (another #ENDSARS).
  1. Part of Sen. Anyim’s tendencies is to cook up lies to cover his dirty dealings We have not forgotten how Sen. Anyim cooked up allegations against an innocent boy who is the only son of his father, Emmanuel Ajah alias Confirm, who until his incarceration in Prisons by Anyim, was the Youth President of Ishiagu Community Development Union and TA to the Governor on Internal Security. In a bid to hide the issue of ‘bags of indomie’ (a story for another day), Anyim supervised a  trumped-up charge of Murder, Kidnapping and Armed Robbery against three innocent indigenes of  Ishiagu, including, Emmanuel Ajah of Ihie , Uzoma Chukwu and Mgbeafuru Ifeanyi of Amagu all in Ishiagu Ivo Local Government Area. Incidentally,  these poor young men are from his political ward, but he chose to hang  a case of Murder, Kidnapping and Armed Robbery on their neck to cover his sins.

. 17. Mention must be made of his cousin, Ndubuisi Chukwu, who was the kingpin in the Kidnapping and Murder of the mother of Ikechukwu Okorie and how he disappeared and Sen. Anyim claims he can’t find him; how the real killers were spared and the innocent ones prosecuted; how he hid the truth in order to whip sentiments to cover his atrocities (story for another day)

Like Macbeth who murdered sleep, Sen. Anyim saw that Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji ( a Commissioner in Ebonyi State from his community) was going to raise alarm over his plan to hang a case of murder on the neck of innocent Umu Ishiagu, he fought tooth and nail to silence Orji, including planning to assassinate him and demanding for his removal in office.(story for another day).

Today (after three years) , after all manipulations against the cause  of justice and deliberate delays occasioned by his lawyers, Sen. Anyim lost at the High Court, and the Court of Appeal.

 When the last of the innocent persons comes out of Prison we will brief the world. We glorify God that two of the three innocent people he sent to prison have been set free to the shame of Pius Anyim.


15 this statement can only come from a m that is mentally deranged as we all know the Governor as a historic leader who has excellent mental calculation in both business and governance; a leader who is exceptionally brilliant and passionately driven by education, experience and exposure.

We invite Anyim to explain how a mad man behaves other than dancing naked in the public which is the character of his open letter of 30th November, 2019.

  1. It is now obvious that from the content and context of Anyim’s letter, that he is drowning in fear of the unknown having committed himself with evil plots. But let him know that the Abuja group will scatter in his head and he will stand alone because a typical Ebonyi man and woman cannot forget the curse Anyim brought to the state when he had opportunities to give us the best.
  1. et Anyim know that no man has ever shown vaunting ambitions like him. The records of illicit acquisition of wealth by him are with the same EFCC he is crying foul about (story for another day). The myriads of projects he used the name of Ivo Local Government Area to generate,(but never executed)worth billions of Naira are a story for another day. The details of reasons for his incarceration by EFCC are well known to us and we hope EFCC will not forget to do the needful no matter whose ox is gored and whose spade is in the garden.
  1. Finally, in this episode, it must be mentioned that Anyim Pius Anyim hasv proved his antecedent of fighting all sitting Governors of Ebonyi State and we are sure that if given the opportunity, he will reign more terror on the future of our dear State. God forbid!
  1. Honestly, we must commend the Governor of Ebonyi State His Excellency Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE FNATE (EBUBE AGU 1 OF ISHIAGU) who has tolerated Anyim thus far, who has done his very best to work with this monster, including doing everything to please a man we know cannot be pleased. But the time for the rest of Ebonyians especially Ivo people to see the quantum of his wickedness is now.

 18  We don’t know what would have done for Sen. Anyim to stop fighting this State as we know that

 the projects done by the Governor in Ishiagu, (Anyim’s home town), were given to Anyim as a contract.

Anyim used his surrogates to do a shabby job, including the Nzerem/ Okue/Eke Ishiagu road.

The Governor gave him all the appointments with exception of Hon. Barr. Orji Uchenna Orji Commissioner for Information.

The Governor gives him palliatives up till   today despite his riches.

Even in Community and secular elections, he places demand on the Governor and the Governor does it without looking back. Many people in Ivo LGA have suffered a great set back, Anyim and progress in communities retarded because of Pius Anyim. The curse upon him today is that if Governor Umahi cannot please him, no leader in this world will ever please him amen.

  1. It is obvious from Anyim’s publication that he is out to levy war against the state. By this publication, the alarms raised by the Governor and the worries of the Stakeholders and Elders are have been justified and our Governor vindicated.
  1. When a person dances badly in public, his or her people feel it badly. This is the case of the people of Ivo Local Government Area who are worried by this ugly behavior of their son, whose education and election into the Senate was by the collective contribution of Ivo people.

We pray for him


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