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Restructuring Nigeria needs diligence and understanding if…

Restructuring Nigeria needs diligence and understanding if…

If Nigeria is to be restructured going by the demands by some sections of the nation. This could only be achieved successfully if it done with diligence and understanding by the people concern. Life it is said, is never static but changes constantly.

Nigeria cannot be an exemption in as far as she is in the world. The question is, how sincere are the people making this demands, are they looking for avenues where they can fully satisfy their selfish ends? Bearing in mind of what obtained now in Syria, Korea, etc it is obvious that many thousands innocent souls are wasted for just nothing, for the sake of those wanting to be one thing or the other.

Last experience of civil war in Nigeria that lasted for three years is what many of those people who witnessed it will not forget in a haste especially, the present trend of event seem to follow what took place then. Imagine the number of souls Biafra then was dumping inside the shallow well alive, if you one who witnessed and followed the event, needless the agitating for whatever restructuring without diligent understanding in this advanced technological era.

Already now, every Nigerian knows which geo-political unit out of the six he/she belongs to. Nigeria also has north, south, east and west regions. What other restructuring do people now clamour for? These demands have made or created a situation that talked about United Nations (UN) peace agreement with Cameroun Republic where some Nigerians find themselves in another country and every time the people talk about torture in their unsolicited nation.

It is the opinion of Century Newsfront Newspapers that diligence and understanding be the watch word if the nation is to be restructured. To avoid the mistake of the past, there should be a reduction in the number of people making opinion on a particular issue. The leading APC government should not only ‘making effort to look into it’ but should be decisive in the matter as it has the capacity to fueling crisis in the hitherto, peaceful nation.

Finally, let the government in power be given a chance to make good on a matter affecting the nation because in case of any eventuality today, it is the man at the helm of affairs or the head of government that would be held responsible. Even though the country has many political parties, let one party control the nation at a particular time, forgetting about any form of petty politics in the governance of another.


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