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Six months to 2019 elections: on your mark!

Six months to 2019 elections: on your mark!

All things being equal, the 2019 General Elections hopefully will take place throughout the country in March, 2019. By calculation, it therefore means that from October, 2018 to March, 2019 according to the time of the Independences National Electoral Commission (INEC) the recognized umpire for the exercise, Nigeria has six months to go for the national assignment. Politicians wishing to take part in the heats must have bought forms to indicate their interest as well as purchase forms to participate in the exercise. With this being so, some of them are beginning to be numb because emotional shock perhaps due to over-anxiety or what have you.

If going by what INEC meant by asking politicians to get these forms and making consultations in their constituencies, this does not mean that the heats have started. It is only meant for them to gather momentum preparing them to get set for the race when the exercise will finally kick starts in March, 2019. The matter of the moment is concerned with the rate of foul play being perpetrated by some politicians in readiness for the actual exercise.

Contemporary issues which might not be unconnected with this constitutional right of every Nigerian is that of buying and selling of votes. Others include increase in the rate of killings such acts remain a puzzle to many Nigerians. What prompted a herbalist to pluck out the two eyes of a security officers? Who confronted him? Also Nigerians recently heard of how a pregnant woman was castrated and the baby she carried in her womb brutally removed for whatever purpose no one can give account of. Why all these criminality now?  Can this be associated with Boko Haram, Herdsmen brouhaha? There seems to be too many questions for one to answer or too many problems, going by such no one would accurately be held responsible.

Remember Congo, a neighbouring country found herself in such confusion many decades ago had to import men from other countries to help her produce children from their surviving women who could rightly be seen and known as Congolese. What is the size of that Country? If that is what some Nigerian politician from all over the world would be needed to handle and cope up with the size of Nigeria. Could this be the kind of restructuring that is dominating the minds of many Nigerian Politicians?

2019 Elections will come and go like many past elections which came and gone but like northern star Nigerian still remains constant. The fall of one man in Nigeria can never make a kind of impact that all Nigerians fall could make. A word is enough for the wise, so let all hands be put on deck, for in accordance with the present political dispensation all is concerned in the development of the country and posterity can never let go anyone who goes contrary to what the heroes past stood for and wanted for the country. Think of this deeply as a politician or country anywhere in the world except the one where all Nigerians reside now.

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