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Spotlight on His Lordship Bishop O. Bassey:  By Joe Etokudor

Spotlight on His Lordship Bishop O. Bassey: By Joe Etokudor

The ultimate goal of every individual is to reach his monumental height in his/her life. That stage is usually elusive to at least 60 per cent of humans. Very many people strive fervently to attain this stage but fail due to one misfortune or the other. This stage according to Professor Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of needs is called “SELF ACTUALIZATION”.

For the very few who are fortunate, providence catapults them with very little effort. But it needs be mentioned that in very many cases the vehicles that can propel one to that level in life (all things being equal) include hard work, courage, honesty, frugality, self-discipline and prayers.

The day Tuesday 16th 1959 saw the birth of a baby boy into the family of Late Obong Udo Bassey of Ikot Essiet Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. The child was named Okon Obong Bassey.

By the special grace of God, the boy grew to a stage where he passed through the first phase of Western education at Primary school, Ikot Essiet, Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area between 1965 to 1971 where he obtained his First School Leaving certificate (FSLC). Like any other young man, young Okon Obong Bassey later left his home on completion of his primary school education to look for greener pastures in Ikot Ekpene through his elder brother, Elder Essien Udo Bassey whom he put up with. Springing from a very little beginning, Okon Obong Bassey took up Carpentry for a livelihood from 1978 and was doing well in his business.

During his stay in Ikot Ekpene, he was linked up with friends, co-workers and business partners among such was Elder Martins M. Edet, the current Chairman of New Baptist Church, Abiakpo Ikot Essien who later invited the former to the church. It was from then; Mr. Okon Obong Bassey embraced Christianity under the umbrella of the New Baptist Church. Bishop Okon Obong Bassey started as an ordinary member in the Young Men’s Department of the church and was subsequently baptized by Late Bishop O. U. Udoma in 1987. Bishop Bassey later joined other departments of the church like the Choir, the evangelical team (Nka Obukpong), the Y.C.D.A. (Young Christian Development Association) and also worked as a Sunday School Teacher. His leadership qualities could not be hidden as a gold fish in the water. So in 1990, he was elected the Chairman of Y.C.D.A. In 1991, he was ordained a Deacon in 1991 and in 1994 he was ordained an Elder by the late Bishop O. U. Udoma.

In 1998, the late prophetess Adiaha Udofa led by the Holy Spirit named him a member in the church prayer group. In the prayer group, God further showed that He had something for Bishop Okon Obong Bassey, by passing through the Late Prophet Samuel Ekanem who instructed that Bishop Okon Obong Bassey be adorned with a different attire (White) as a Pastor, whenever the prayer meeting was in session indicating his leadership of the group.   Realizing the aura of God’s call in Bishop Okon Obong Bassey, the late Bishop O. U. Udoma sent him to the branches of the church like Ikot Oto Assembly and Itak Ikot Udo Assembly to spread the Good News – in a way to train him, like the Biblical Moses for the task ahead.

In 2001, he was called by the Holy Spirit to serve in the Lord’s Vineyard and was finally ordained into a full time ministry in 2003 by the leadership of the church council. In November, 2007 he was ordained a Reverend Minister. In December 2012, and in a way that surpasses human comprehension, he was prophetically elevated to the status of a Bishop.

The outstanding legacies exhibited by Bishop Okon Obong Bassey are eloquent testimonies to the fact that Bishop O. O. Bassey has, and is, fulfilling his God-given mission in church growth and expansion, innovations in all the branches of New Baptist Mission, Nigeria, material growth among intensive projects. Any wonder then that everything about Bishop O. O. Bassey is divinely arranged.

As a person, he is witty and candid, moderate, and un-pretending; religious devout and fearful of giving offence to God, knowing that even in darkness truth would still remain untainted. His life as a minister of God differs from the life of other persons in that events around him become teaching sources even as they command his present attention. Hence, for him to achieve his vision, he chose hard work, explored the best and dug to the fullest; aided a strong will, choice, chastity, pattern, potential, plan and purpose. He strove for excellence, often risking more than others think wise, and expecting more than others think possible. To him, no trouble is too great, no humiliation is too deep, no suffering is too severe, no love is too strong, no labour is too hard and no expense too large, provided it is meant to save a soul. What level of education he could reach was left to conjectures, a subject of intense speculation punctuated by lack.

It is obstinately by God’s unalloyed approval that one emerges the first out of legions. In other words, God does not have the word “ACCIDENT” in His lexicon. He knows the end from the beginning. He creates, calls and elects specific humans for certain assignments on earth. No wonder, he has elected Bishop Okon Obong Bassey for this purpose. Bishop Okon Obong Bassey is happily married to Deaconess Mfon O. Obong and the marriage is blessed with six (6) children – To God be the glory. Amen.

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