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The Beauty and Ugly Side of 2019 Election

The 2019 general elections in Nigeria had come and gone but its memories still remain fresh in the minds of all Nigerians, voters and non voters alike. Over the years past, the 2019 elections raised a lot of dust in the country caused by politicians and their supporters and sometime occasioning harm in one part and death in the other hand as was the case in Lagos and Rivers States. Some schools of thoughts attributed the situation to the greater number of registered political parties while others differ in their opinion.

Mow that the exercise had come and gone, the Century Newsfront Newspaper sopines that to forestall lapses in future elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) must theoretically and practically live above boards. They must not be compromised nor operate in favour of one party or the other. They must remain independent as their name implies.

Experiences gathered from the just concluded exercise show that the technological inputs into a lot of changes though a lot still has to be done. What really caused this to be so could be attributed to the politicians who want to win at all cost no matter whose Ox is gorged. Again, lack of proper education to the electorates who support the politicians blindly contributed to the numeral deaths before, during and after the exercise. Reports of burning offices of INEC, Snatching of ballot boxes and bombings of strategic places attest to this fact.

Against this backdrop therefore, we suggest that much work should be done in the Electoral Process Bill to checkmate the lapses found in the bill. Fake news, vote buying and selling should utterly be condemned while the number of registered political parties should drastically be reduced so as not to make the work so cumbersome for INEC.

The number of casualties recorded in the last exercise show that much external influences contributed largely if not a hundred per cent success could have been recorded. Finally, we urge the government to consider the activities of those considered as political jobbers because their intent by our own view is to cause war whereby they could trade on arms and ammunitions for their selfish interest and Nigeria cannot afford to experience another civil war in the country.


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