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The Liver and its Onerous Task of Blood Filtration

The Liver and its Onerous Task of Blood Filtration

Greetings beloved ,  My name is CeeTee ESSIEN, am an Oriental Trained Naturopath/Consultant and a  Television/Radio health anchor Personality  Please allow me to welcome you to this unique page  named, WHEN NATURE SPEAKS, where you will learn about natural health services and  Products as provided by Nature for the total liberation of our bodies from diseases.

One of the sad events that took place during the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eve was the fact that human beings acquired External ignorance which refers to ignorance of the natural world, including the human body. Even though God gave clear instructions in Genesis 1:29 on how man was going to gain, acquire, and protect their health with the power of Nature and to further emphasis how nature was going to be our health guidance.

Hypocrite the father of Modern Medicine stated clearly in 400 BC that for healthy living ‘Food should be our medicine’. Therefore in this page, I’m going to hold your hand and show you how you are going to use simple foods in nature to heal your bodies as medicine, In this maiden edition, I will like to talk about the importance of healthy liver which is very essential to Health. The liver and other body organs work together to digest absorb and process food.

The liver’s main job is to filter the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body. The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. Now just imagine what our liver looks like after it has worked so hard to do its work over the years to keep us alive, so sad that human beings change their car oil and filter, etc monthly.

Take a look at the two pictures of the livers and begin to imagine how they function, but unknown to human beings that, the all-knowing Creator had already long before He created humans invested His energy to plant a weed called  Phyllantus Amerus and some other weeds and plants up to 777 different types and gave the responsibilities of caring for human Health, so WhatsApp me now on +2348037144357 for your pack of liver cleanser tea. You can invite us to bring right to where you are our sound Natural health educational team to come and inform you and others around you on the importance of staying natural as ignorance is the highest killer according to the word of God.

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