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The Place of Infrastructure in Economic Development in Ebonyi State

The Place of Infrastructure in Economic Development in Ebonyi State

By Engr. Nweze Fidelis Kings

It is often said that; “when you develop infrastructure you develop the Economy”, this underscores the fact that the development of any State is wholly dependent on the availability of essential infrastructural facilities. Infrastructure unarguably plays a vital role in the improvement of any State’s standard of living which in no small way contributes to a very high rate of the economic growth of a State.

Take for instance, the road infrastructure; without a convenient and durable road, the web chain of production and distribution will be cut off in any economy thereby relegating the economic commerce of the State to a hopeless situation. This in turn brings about lack and want or high cost of essential commodities which reduces the per capital income of its citizenry. The infrastructure put in place in Ebonyi State as at present as provided by His Excellency, Engr. Dave Umahi is such that it is not only supporting but facilitating government activities, operations and developments of all other sectors like Security, Transportation, Health, Commerce, Agriculture and many more.

Generally, it will not be out of place for me to say that infrastructural development of this State is the nerve centre of its economic system, this is because good infrastructure like roads, overhead bridges, bridges across rivers and streams, hospitals, markets, International Airport, play very important roles in the development of not only the economy of Ebonyi State but also of the civilization of the State at large. These infrastructural facilities already in place, play major role in linking production, distribution and final consumers, thereby bringing together all elements of the economic system which make life easy and meaningful.

I will not fail to remind us that infrastructure is development, development is government and government is infrastructure. One may be tempted to ask, why do I say this? I say it because individuals lack the capacity to provide economic developmental infrastructures like roads, railways, bridges to major rivers and interceptions, Airports, International markets, Teaching Hospital, etc. There exist a very close relationship between infrastructure and GDP growth the world over. Studies reveal that 1% growth in the development often leads to 1% growth in per capita GDP. This is evident in Ebonyi State under His Excellency, Engr. David Nweze Umahi.

Impacts of Engr. David Nweze Umahi’s Infrastructural Development in the State

The massive infrastructures executed by the governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi were not done by foreigners as some people speculate; about 80% were done by Ebonyians. This is nearing perfection and it is commendable, having granted so much jobs and employment for our people, I make bold to say that we are tilting towards self reliance. It has promoted investments as a result of holistic transformation of the economy through massive infrastructural development.

Industries do not grow without the development of the infrastructure of their respective localities; this has been taken care of by His Excellency. The general smooth functioning of any economy is achieved through its infrastructure; this is because infrastructure is like the wheel of development without which the economy is doomed. This has been achieved also by this government.

Benefits of Engr. David Umahi’s Infrastructural Development

It has help in the overall development of the Ebonyi State’s economy. We are no more where we used to be; It has facilitated large-scale production in Agriculture, mining and other tertiary industries as can be seen round the State; It has resulted in territorial security, peace and State defense; It has increased local content and per capital income of Ebonyians; It has also reduced travel time thereby accelerating general growth and reduced the cost of most essential commodities; It has broken/destroyed all economic isolations on the State and its citizenry. Ebonyians can stand tall anywhere in the country now to talk and defend themselves as peculiar people we are; It has contributed to the increase in the State internally generated revenue, IGR. The Chairman of Board of Internal Revenue can attest to the fact; It has led to the stability of already existing companies and serves as a boost to growing companies within the State.

Finally, in all the above therefore, infrastructure can firmly be defined as the capital stock that provides public goods and services; that is to say that good infrastructure as we see in Ebonyi State produces ripple positive effects which enhance essential services like but not limited to production activities, general sale/trading, good health and wellness, security and peace of mind and quality lives for households as reflected in the faces of all of us in this hall.

Final of the finals, I wish to state that Economic infrastructural facilities as can be seen in this State has helped in eradicating poverty and has also enhanced globalization; this can also be seen in the changes in both the outlook of the people and the State generally under Engr. David Nweze Umahi, the grandmaster of infrastructural development in Nigeria.

Presented by Engr. Nweze Fidelis Kings, Commissioner for Infrastructural Development for Concession, Ebonyi State, 22nd September, 2020

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