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The Wreckage Of A Defunct Country: The Third World War in Sight

The Wreckage Of A Defunct Country: The Third World War in Sight

Rev Fr  DJC Attah

The agitation for freedom by many ethnic groups in Nigeria has occupied almost every space of deliberation in the country and in the continent of Africa and has gained reasonable attention across the whole world. This is because the agitation itself and the innumerable violence and violations that are taking place as offshoots and responses to the agitation are enough to announce to every sensible individual that the country is standing on a precipice. We may consider them below.


Anarchy can simply be understood as the situation that arises any time the value attached to law and order is diminished, and the standard of judgment becomes _what pleases one, giving way to people’s whims as the measure of morality, which in turn makes expedience the only standard of good conduct. It is the state under which there is practice without principles. This always results when the laws of the land are protractedly denied the power to control the whole people subject to it. As sure as every mass responds to the law of gravity, in the same way, every state that denies her law the power to control every member impartially is certainly heading to anarchy.

Hence, when the laws of the land fail to be applied to the citizens on an equal basis, why should there be no anarchy?


In Nigeria, the Fulanis feel above the law, hence, they can commit mass murder, own it up, claim anything as their reason for the mass murder, threaten to do more, and nobody reacts against them.

The Fulanis sacked some villages in Jos Plateau State, occupy the same village and graze their cattle in the very farms of the people they sacked and it is not in the news. Sheik Gummi portrays a trait of membership of terrorist organization demonstrated by his romance with the known terrorist groups in the country. He openly poses for pictures with them in the group because he is familiar with the members and at home with their location. Driving home the point that he is one of them, he openly claimed that Boko Haram is a blessing to the people of northern Nigeria. He went on to insist that Boko Haram is just a militant group fighting for her right, and even demands that amnesty should be granted to the terrorists.

However, the unfortunate and most abhorable fact is that, though fully aware of his connection with the terrorist group, his commitment to their cause and his encouragement, sympathy and support to the terrorist groups, the government has never made any attempt to interrogate him. He said that amnesty should be granted to them, nobody questioned him. He incisively twisted the Nigerian military operation against Boko Haram as an attack of the Christians on the Muslims, and nobody questioned him.

Worse still, the Fulani nationality movement, FUNAM and Myeti Allah cattle borders association of Nigeria MACBAN owned up the massive murder of many Nigerians both in Benue and Plateau States, and nobody questioned them. Governor Orton of Benue State was attacked and was nearly killed, FUNAM claimed to have launched the attack and further threatened that they would continue in their efforts to kill him, but till today, the government remains silent. El rufai said that the Miyati Allah is a stakeholder of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and yet nobody questioned him.

In contrast, in Imo State, Owerri prison was broken and without any investigation, within 24 hours, the Inspector General of Police (a Fulani) declared IPOB as responsible. Even now the same IG of police is yet to respond to the FUNAM that owned up the attack on Governor Ortom,  which took place some weeks before the prison incidents. This double standard tells you all that you need to know about the present government.

As a matter of fact, in the present dispensation, because no principle is observed, no one knows the next thing to be done. Everybody lives at the mercy of the Fulani cabal that calls herself the presidency. The only thing that serves as the policy of this country is the usual inconsistent idiosyncrasy of the blood-thirsty cabal. In a country where some people may commit heinous crimes, only to be pampered for their evils by the ruling class, and where the same ruling class hunts down any other person that demands justice and equality, why should there be no anarchy?


What we see today is a wreckage of a defunct country. In the practical reality, there is nobody leading. Nobody hears any more about Buhari the president of the country, what we hear now is the anonymous presidency. Some people claim to be in charge, but in reality, nobody is really in control. Anarchy has set in. Anarchy, they say is _practice without principles._  In all honesty, nothing defines the situation of Nigeria as a country better than anarchy. Rule of law is long forgotten, the three arms of government are now fused together and reduced to the so-called presidency.

There is strong speculation that the president of the country is long dead, which is highly denied by the ruling class. However, unfortunately, the fact that from the Terrorists’ attacks, End Sars protest, Referendum protest, massive abduction of Nigerians by the bandits, to the Prison Break, the president had never been reported to have appeared anywhere to address the horrified, intimidated, and dehumanized people directly, is gradually giving credence to the claims of those who insist that the president is dead.

 This is because nobody under the sun could expect a living president to remain bodily absent to his people experiencing what the Nigerians are passing through now. Under this condition in which no one knows who is leading and no one is sure of the next thing to be done because the country is operating without any defined principle, why shouldn’t there be no anarchy?


The appointment of the government operatives is clearly sectional and exclusively Fulani, and the Fulanis play god over the rest of the Nigerians. Funny enough, they are only about 9 million in population. The nepotic impunity of the Fulanis in Nigeria is too obvious. Take a look at the following:  (The President – Fulani; The Senate president – Fulani; The leader of the house of representatives – Fulani; Chief of Defense Staff – Fulani; The head of DSS – Fulani; The head of the custom – Fulani etc.); Air Force head – Fulani; Head of Naval staff – Fulani.

The federal characteristics of the selection of the leaders of the country are completely killed, nothing like federal character again. It is now 99 per cent tribal government. At this juncture, it is important to observe that what we call the federal government of Nigeria is just the feudal government of the Fulani. And for anybody else to be allowed any chance in the rulership class, he or she must pay an absolute allegiance to the Fulani oligarchy.

As a matter of fact, people’s choice or vote counts for nothing. This because before ever anybody is declared qualified for any serious elective position in this country, he must have been chosen by one of the political lords at the top and vetted and endorsed by the Sultan of Sokoto, another Fulani that claims to be the spiritual leader of the whole Nigeria. In fact, he is the rallying point of the Fulani oligarchic government, movements and cabals. The ripple goes further. In other words, nobody can represent his council ward now without being previously recommended to the governor by the local political lords of the area. For the local government chairmanship, the candidate must be the governor’s direct choice – no more no less. For the state and federal houses, the choice of candidates is the result of the interactions between the state and federal political powers. The choice of the governor of any state is the decision of the one at the Aso Rock, while the choice of the one to be at the Aso Rock depends absolutely on the will of the Sultan of Sokoto.

Considering this pyramid of powers, the people’s choice has no position. Their interest, unimportant and their vote counts for nothing, therefore, the rulers have powers that have nothing to do with the people’s mandate. It is precise because of this reason the rulers show the masses zero allegiance. One can therefore observe that one’s ascension to the rostrum of power depends on his loyalty to the Fulani oligarchy and that one is dismissed as soon as his loyalty develops a crack. (Orjiuzo Kalu, Rochas Okorocha, Jim Nwobodo and Oshomole are living examples of those who lost favour because their loyalty to Fulani gods lost shape). In the true sense, what obtains in Nigeria is to serve the Fulanis and do anything. That way those in the public offices can afford to do whatever they want and nobody questions them, simply because they enjoy Fulani immunity. When the state operatives owe the masses no obligation of loyalty, abuse of power is inevitable. With the unabated subjugation of the indigenous people, under which the masses are completely denied the right to make their own choice of leaders, why should there be no anarchy?


The application of the law is obviously partial, (In this so called one country Nigeria, the law against the illegal possession of firearms does not apply to the Northerners the way it applies to the Southerners). The Boko Haram terrorists use firearms to attack innocent citizens in the North, but when they are caught, the government grants them pardon and integrates them into the military force. The Fulani Herdsmen use guns to force the farmers out of their farms, kill some people and sack some villages and kidnap people across the country but nobody can retaliate against them or prosecute them, instead, they were given a hundred million Naira by the federal government. Whereas the IPOB, (the indigenous people of Biafra), and the members of the ESN (the Eastern Security Network) use the firearms to defend the innocent citizens from the attacks of the Terrorist Fulani Herdsmen in Eastern Nigeria, but when they are caught, they are condemned and killed or abandoned in the dungeons without trial. Given this double standard in the application of the laws of the same country, why should there be no anarchy?


Precisely because the rulers are not chosen by the people and somehow cannot be removed by the people, they can afford to do whatever they want. No wonder there is no accountability and nobody questions their conduct. This is precisely why ritual killing is rampant, the army, the police and the DSS, working for the government operatives can also kill at will and get out of it unquestioned.

From all indications, the citizens have no rights. Rulers are imposed on them without any fear of resistance.  All the attempts the citizens make to express their displeasure with the apparent dictatorship are crushed with military might. The END SARS protest is a recent and clear example of such. The ruling class arrogates to themselves the right to decide the people that are to live and the people that are to die. They can direct the army or the police to decimate communities at will, the Benue and the Akwa Ibom state experiences are the most recent examples.

Violent intimidation of the citizens, extrajudicial killings, illegal detention of citizens, abduction of people by the government agents, unwarranted proscription of innocent and nonviolent association of the people is the accolade of the present regime. Under the situation in which fundamental Human Rights are trampled upon and the people are no longer safe in the hands of the government that is expected to protect and defend them, why should there be no anarchy?


The Fulani Nationality Movement (FUNAM), openly claimed ownership of Nigerian in her press release, in which they threatened that any people that refuse to live the way they the Fulanis live shall be exterminated; “We have said it over and over, that Nigeria is the only inheritance we have in Africa and anywhere in the world. This land belongs to us, from Sokoto to the banks of the Atlantic Ocean. This was the destiny bestowed on Uthman Dan Fodio…. We warn that nothing will be able to save those raising their voices against us and Allah. Nothing will be left behind, from the East, West and Middle Belt except those who accept the creation of Allah and the leadership place of Fulani in fulfilling this destiny. Let the Birom and the ethnic minority invaders in the entire Middle Belt leave our territory or be prepared to accept our ways of life.” Terrible Impunity!

The Fulanis are known to be nomads, Moslems and backward. It, therefore, follows that they intend to turn all of the people to nomadic Moslems that have nothing to do with civilization. What a dangerous and demeaning combination! Their intention to actualize the claim is not hidden but louder and more practical than they actually openly admitted. It is obvious in their occupation of every important position in the country, their insistence on open grazing, their occupation of the people’s farms and forests, their demand for RUGA, their demand for people’s disarmament etc. Under this impunity and false claim, why should there be no anarchy?


The irrational policies pursued by the government operatives really give the impression that they are averted to development. How can one reconcile the idea that Nigeria produces oil, exports it cheaply because it is unrefined only to import it back at a high price because it had been refined abroad in a refinery owned by Nigerians, whereas we had some local refineries that were just strangulated to death by the same people that now export and import at the expense of the indigenous people? Considering these retrogressive and counterproductive policies of the government that certainly deny tens of thousands of our youths’ jobs why should there be no anarchy?


Nigeria had many sea ports, including Warri, Port Harcourt, Calabar and Lagos, but today only Lagos port is working. This makes business flow absolutely difficult and makes goods distribution both expensive and dangerous. The goods are made more costly because the cost of the transportation from only Lagos port to other areas are added to the real cost of the goods and therefore makes each item more expensive. It is dangerous because the movement of goods from Lagos has always resulted in accidents. It is also unreliable because due to the congestion of the Lagos port, some goods are not cleared before they expire and therefore make some people refrain from embarking on the business. These irrational policies and restrictions force the cost of living to rise up and subject the poor masses to the mercy of hunger and as well cripple the national economy. These unholy policies have in no small measure multiplied unemployment because even as the personnel that should be working at the different ports remain unemployed, the other people that would have been self-employed to serve the port workers by supplying them goods and services also remain unemployed. Considering the evils of the unwarranted stringent policies, and their attendant consequences, why should there be no anarchy?


A typical example of what gave rise to the prevalent anarchy in the country is the unholy romance between Britain and their colonial stooge– Fulanis. Right from the word go, based on several considerations, which of course excludes the interests of the Nigerians, Britain chose to hand over power to the Fulanis. This probably is because based on their study, the Fulani race is the only race in Nigeria that would always do their biddings without any look at the implications. This is of course an arrangement that retains Nigeria 90% under British control and gives Britain easy access to each and every one of our assets as a country. No wonder Britain supervises the impunities of the Fulanis and gives them the necessary and sufficient defense and protection (within and without the country) against any reaction of the victimized Nigerians.

Relying on British sure support, Ahmad Belo insisted in an interview that: _”Nigeria is an estate of their great ground father Utman Danfodio, and by no means should power leave them, and that the Middle Belt should be used as willing tools, and Southern Nigeria as a conquered territory”._ (Pilot News Paper 12th Oct 1960).


Any attempt to support the Fulanis by the British government against the quest of the Nigerians for freedom from domination, oppression and terrorism, will certainly go far to reveal to the world that Britain is the backbone of terrorism in Africa. If despite the obvious and innumerable cases of human right violations and terrorism, sponsored by the Fulani led federal government of Nigeria, Britain chooses to work with the Fulanis in their efforts to subjugate and enslave the rest of the Nigerians and to force every Nigerian nationality to adopt Islamism, nomadic life and counter civilization culture, as the Fulanies proposed to do, then, she must have presented herself as the brain behind all the atrocities of the Nigerian ruling class.

By doing that, she is working against the United Nations and as such, is an enemy of the civilized world.

Any military presence of Britain in the country would mean a violation of the Nigerian national integrity because until now none of the Nigerian national houses had ever sat to take any decision about the invitation of an external military force. Britain should therefore tread with caution because any mistake she makes over the boiling issues in Nigeria may ignite the Third World War, which will naturally leave a deadly scar on the world and with a devastating consequence on herself.


Britain, I know is aware that her demystification started with the way she was forced out of America and was completed with the way she was kicked out of the state of Israel. Unfortunately for Britain, when her demystification ended her disgrace started. Her disgrace started with her gradual loss of fame, loss of colonial territories,  downslope economy, her loss of her Christian identity (the rapid Arab colonization of Britain and the Islamization of the British people), and her disgrace is climaxed so far in the threatened disintegration of the UK.

The worst disgrace that may hit Britain is the African destruction of Britain that may crown the looming Third World War. By this I do not mean that at present the Africans have the weapons or the military know-how to destroy Britain, I mean that the other world powers that would rise in abhorrence of British vicious enthronement of terrorism in Africa will necessarily destroy her because naturally, virtue has sympathy for justice.

Britain needs to realize that she had incurred the wrath of many. She had cheated many, deceived many, confused many, crippled many, and destroyed many. _(Thanks to God the gospel of Christ Jesus that came to us through her has taken a firm root before her displays of shame if not, no one would have accepted the gospel from her.)_


Britain’s commitment to the unholy cause of the Fulanis, in their bid to perpetuate their domination of every other ethnic group in Nigeria through ethnic cleansing and terrorism, is not only an outright encouragement of violence, direct support to human right violation but also an institutionalization of terrorism in the entire African sub-region. This of course is a capital threat to the very existence of the human race, because, by the calculations of those who are monitoring the British unholy alliance with the Fulanis, the Third World War is insight. They are also nursing a strong fear that ironically the war may not end before the end of Britain herself.

I hope God will grant Britain the wisdom to know that any attempt she makes to sustain the Fulani domination of every other nationality in the contraption called Nigeria will meet a stiff opposition and may result in her total destruction because anything that has a sense of integrity and justice would not wait to be invited before it joins effort to fight her.

Rev Fr Dennis John Chukwubuzor Attah, Catholic Diocese of Nsukka. (Living for Truth).

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