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UDOM begins 2nd tenure in grand style

According to an old adage which says as you make your bed so must you lie on it. True to the saying Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel (GUGE) had during his first tenure as the governor of Akwa Ibom state 2015 – 2019 prepared and dressed the state preparatory for his second tenure, which takes effect from tomorrow, May 29, 2019.

By assessment of his first tenure, it is no more news that he brought in some industries such as syringe, pencil, tooth pick as well as establish rice mill industry to mention but few.

In view of the aforementioned strides GUGE had laid a solid foundation to begin his second tenure in a grand style. We therefore at the Century Newsfront Newspaper wish you happy second inauguration into the Hilltop Mansion and most particularly your success during the last gubernatorial election in the country and also state that with such a feast, you should be able to consolidate the foundation so far laid.

You must also try to avoid employing or contracting so many hands into your cabinet as it is stated idiomatically that too many hands spoil the soup. Invariably, considering, the population expansion experienced in the state nowadays, efforts must be geared towards embarking on more life touching programmes.

As a listening State Chief Executive Officer added with your wealth of experience, it is pertinent that you continue to complete the already started road construction across the state which is of more importance to the people while you aggressively tackle internal roads within the Uyo metropolis as this will help to decongest traffic in the capital city.

Again, we call on the state governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel not to rest on his oars in the area of security as the prevailing criminal events across the Country nay the global calls for concerted effort in tackling the menace.

 Finally and worthy of note is the fact that elections had come and gone efforts should be geared towards building the state and not securing political dynasty since a winner had emerged despite the various cases in tribunals and courts.

While wishing the governor a successful tenure as he takes an oath office tomorrow, 29th May, 2019, the governor should be cautious that those he chose to work should be people with proven integrity and must be ensured that they are posted to their areas of studies. That is a square peg be put into a square hole while a round peg be put into a around hole.

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