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Udom Crosses the Rubicon  … As Many Life- Touching Projects are executed  … Counts blessings for Akwa Ibom People  By Joe Etokudor

Udom Crosses the Rubicon … As Many Life- Touching Projects are executed … Counts blessings for Akwa Ibom People By Joe Etokudor

In the affairs of man throughout history, time remains the most prized asset of his own endeavour and social growth. Time has built men, collapsed empires, created changes, uprooted cultures, overthrown thrones and pointed new directions and awareness toward which men and women of foresight must travel.

Every government is a new beginning. It arrives with a bagful of promises of can do. But one thing is to make the promises, and the other is to fulfill them. A performing governor is always called a promise keeper as a result of his leadership style that is his aerosol of air freshener in governance. In the affairs of time, man has always found himself not only relevant but also very necessary to prosecute the dynamics of its dictates, because man, in the fullness of time, can set himself to battle and fight to accomplish all things. It was Christopher Columbus who, inspired by zeal to serve the global aspirations and visions of Spain to further her frontiers, challenged the people and monarchy of his nations, “show me where the sun rises and I will sail to the ends of the world”.

That bold journey in history in the 18th century led to the discovery of the new world, the continent of America where the newest and the most earth-shocking changes have. Since occurred within the latest memory of humanity’s growing history. All these came in the ripeness of time. This no doubt must have been the reason behind governor Udom Emmanuel – the Executive governor of Akwa Ibom Stat’s having a very grand and successful media chat with the well over 400 Journalists, press men and other media Executive and practitioners across the length and breadth of Akwa Ibom State penultimate Monday at the state Banquet Hall of the Government House, Uyo, where many issues were addressed. Beyond the panache of public relations, the nuggets of achievements of Governor Udom Emmanuel in just two years are quite visible. His performance so far is subject to public interest. He is, indeed, a Servant Leader.

Robert K. Greenleaf had said, “When the motivation of the leader is to unleash the potential of the followers and primarily benefit the needs of the organization that person, is a servant leader.

During the media chat, the Governor cleared the air on most of the false publications by most media houses against his person and his administration in terms of projects execution and welfare. He simply told them that “Rome was not built in a day”, adding that he was very much prepared before he decided to come and serve as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

Leadership, is said, is like a dice, if juggled properly on a Ludo board, it fetches a player victory. Not played well, the opponent carries the day. In the same vein, a leadership, position foisted on a person whether appointive or elective, if well utilized brings glory, honour and respect to the custodian, if a leader abuses the opportunity, the followers, indeed the electorate suffer the brunt of such misrule. But Governor Udom Emmanuel has been able to prove all his critics and cynics wrong. He is a leader who believes that opportunity knocks but once and has expeditiously utilized the opportunity offered him as a governor since May 29, 2015, by more than one million Akwa Ibom voters just because he knows the nitty-gritty of leadership.

Governor Udom is known as a hardworking governor who believes that diligence has its dividends, imbued with passion for humanity and charisma. Fired by vision and zeal he has incredibly as earlier pointed out in this expose, performed to the admiration of critics. Before he ascended the throne, Governor Udom Emmanuel had envisioned an “Akwa Ibom with an empowered populace and a private-driven economy, acting as a catalyst to Nigeria’s industrial revolution. “Building of high quality and durable infrastructure is a core policy thrust of the present administration retorted the governors.

While fielding questions from the press, the Governor was able to give a good account of his administration in all sectors. In Education the governor reiterated “Education at the lower level is absolutely free in the state” adding that Nigeria has better schools than all the neighbouring countries. He urged every well-meaning Nigerian to stop spending huge amount of money in training their children abroad. He announced to the people that his administration had cleared all the debts owed the West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO).

Construction of roads is on-going in some areas of the state, such as Obot Akara-Ekwereazu axis in Obot Akara L. G. A; Odoro-Ikpe-Mbiabet road in Ini L. G.A, where the Rice farm project is sited and others.

The Governor said, the state is embarking on massive agriculture to enhance maximum food production and security. He said more than 3000 youths from the state was sponsored for training in Israel. The Governor said the state was partnering with many countries overseas to come to Akwa Ibom and invest in Agriculture. “Improved Cocoa seedlings, maize, rice and other grains have been introduced to Akwa Ibom farmers for optimum cultivation.

Governor Udom is scored high in the Health Sector, Technology and other areas. “The second run-way at the Ibom International Airport is being constructed”. Massive Industralization of the state is also on-going example include, the metre manufacturing Industry in Onna, Cocoa-nut refinery, hatchery. Sequentially put, in view of the above, Akwa Ibomites can only say that Governor Udom has actually crossed the Rubicon and no more going back, no matter the distraction. Well done Governor Udom Emmanuel.

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