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Udom Ekpo Ekpoudom Awarded Another Scholarship To the Fatherless in Etim Ekpo

Udom Ekpo Ekpoudom Awarded Another Scholarship To the Fatherless in Etim Ekpo

The Chairman Board of directors Tower of Ivory schools Nigeria and retired deputy inspector General of police Udom Ekpoudom has given an academic succour to another fatherless boy in Etim Ekpo LGA, Akwa Ibom State, after offsetting the school fees of other students around various secondary schools and Higher institutions in the state.

At the funeral ceremony of Late Deacon Emmanuel Abraham Akpan who died at 57 Years in Ikpe Atai village, Etim Ekpo LGA, Akwa Ibom State. The incoming Senator for Ikot Ekpene senatorial District awarded scholarship from primary school to the University level to the 1st son of the deceased master Kennedy Emmanuel Abraham and also donated huge sum of money to support the bereaved family.

In his speech at the burial ceremony he said ” I’m very sorry for coming to this burial late, I have to attend to other functions. Death is something that no man will escape, it is inevitable when it is time all of us will be laid to rest like the deceased. No matter how big or small, rich and poor, tall and short, whatever you are one day people shall gather at your death. To the deceased family I’ll take the education of the 1st son of this family as my responsibility, i will adopt him as my child from his primary education to the University level, when he finish from primary school he will be admitted into the secondary school at Tower of Ivory schools Nigeria and will live in the dormitory to face his secondary education and from there he will move to higher institution. I have adopted him today as my child”

The destiny of every child is my priority, especially the downtrodden and my passion for helping others is borne out of the need to educate as many underprivileged children in my community and beyond. Quoting late former South African president, Nelson Mandela, who said education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, he explained that education helps a lot in shaping dreams.

He said, “Our nation needs a major change, especially our political system and if young children get the chance to get an adequate education. They are the future, I believe they will be the ones that will give our nation needed change.

Education is never a waste but serves as a bedrock upon which nations grow and develop themselves saying the scholarship is to help the poor boy remain focused on his academic dreams and help reduce the burdens cost of education thrusts on his mother”.

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