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Udom Emmanuel so Far!

With barely two months since his assumption of office as the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel has relentlessly tried to keep to his election promise of ensuring that one each of the 31 Local Government Areas of the state benefit from his government’s intention to site an industry in the areas. Early this week, the governor undertook a ground breaking ceremony of a Vehicle Assembling Plant at Ikot Ukap, Ekim and obong Itam to get the industry started in the areas.

Handled by an Israeli company it hoped that on complication, when the industry starts work it would create employment to youths and others in the state as was promised by the governor. This, therefore, shows that the governor was not kidding in his promise but was serious in his proclamation.

Against this back drop the Century Newsfront Newspapers advises the state Chief Executive to keep up and never tarry in his bid to transform the state in line with his numerous promises to do so. That event is an eye opener but when “the come come to become”, we shall at appropriate time commend the governor but have to reserve the commendation.

It is hoped that if within two months, this happens in any other local government areas in the four or so years Udom will be in office, the 31 local government areas of the state would boast of an industry. The past administration promised this but was never visible and since the present administration maintains that it would continue from where the past administration stopped, we urge the Udom government to ensure that these projects come alive whereby at the end, the people would know who to give glory to after God has been given His Glory. We pray that no politicking should be attached to this promise as people seem to be tired with empty promises by politicians.

As a church elder, the society is watching you to act religiously in deviance with attitudes of others who merely sing the name of God and quote every Bible portion to gain the hearts of the people but fail them at the end of it all.

Believing that the Ibom Deep Seaport in Ibaka is on course and presently, the Vehicle Assembling Plant is about to get on course, we commend you , Sir, and wish you a successful landing.

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