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USD 2023: I Will engage more in formulation of policies that drives the economic system

USD 2023: I Will engage more in formulation of policies that drives the economic system

By Inemesit George

To many, 2023 is a puzzle without a clue yet, but to the people of Uyo Senatorial District, the mystery behind it has already been unfolded as it is a rebirth of hope, succour, entrepreneurship, security, abundance of food and empowerment as Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette, steps into the Red Chamber to amend, propose and enact laws that will clamp down on poverty within her domain and for Nigeria.

Princess Ibokette, the Uyo Senatorial District candidate under the aegis of African Democratic Congress (ADC), while having a chat in our office in Uyo, recently, said that she will propose issues that will be of huge benefit to the people of Uyo Senatorial District.

She said that she will debate and vote on bills that will empower youths within Uyo Senatorial District to be actively engaged in production, commerce, tourism etc, which will see to the free flow of funds with the view to ending poverty in the state.

On the steps to go about this, she opined that she will work on the reintegration of peace and togetherness, which would then give birth to economic transformation within her Senatorial District.

While sharing ideas on how to revamp infrastructure within her region, Dr. Ibokette expressed that she has seen the vacuum created and what it will take to fill it, which is one of the motivating factors she has to aspire for the role so that she can effect the change for her people, adding that she has already drafted motions that she believes when presented, would call for urgent attention to revisit some of the infrastructures within her jurisdiction for her people to begin to make use of them.

Also noting that many youths migrate from the state to other states in search of greener pastures, the ADC Uyo Senatorial District hopeful believes that when her mechanism has been put in place, there will be recurring employment which will in turn plow back to boosting the economy of the state and the best talents would be retained instead of being exploited in another man’s land.

As a teacher, she stated that her representation would see to awarding scholarships to the best brains within her domain, even to the point of gaining relevant knowledge abroad and then retaining it in the state to retrain the people. She is of the belief that the state would become a hub for food production and other commercial ventures and will attract local and foreign investors, which will further create employment.

On the area of security, Dr. Ibokette, who is a trained security expert and consultant, stressed that she will use her wealth of knowledge to ensure that Uyo Senatorial District would be a safe haven for businesses to thrive and that crime would be totally eradicated so that her people can sleep with their two eyes closed.

While stressing agriculture, she said that there is no nation that can survive without the basics, which food is of the essence and she would, in the course of her representation, move motions that would encourage agriculture, adding that other states that venture into agric business have people from far and near to travel to their farms to buy their food stuff for commercial purposes and she hopes that same would take place in Uyo Senatorial District if she is voted into office come 2023.

As a farmer and entrepreneur, she would use her experience and technical know-how to ensure food availability within her purview not just for local consumption but for commercial purposes as well.

In a bid to prove that service to humanity to her is innate, she established a nonprofit making organization with the aim of bringing succour and hope to people around her and her assumption of office will aid her to do more.

The NGO, Princess Victoria Ibokette Foundation has seen to the training of scores in diverse fields, a venture which, on graduation, has not only put food on the table of many but has made them able to afford their wards’ school fees and house rent.

Many are of the belief that if she could think of doing this when she never had the thought of serving the people in the Red Chamber, then she would do much better when she is at the helm of affairs of Uyo Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Abuja.

Princess Ibokette has vowed to use every resource within her disposition to ensure that poverty is drastically reduced in the state by sponsoring bills that will encourage and favour entrepreneurship; training and restraining of youths in their field of endeavor will be a recurring event to ensure that everyone is actively engaged in a meaningful venture that will upgrade their standard of living.

She commended the zeal for good governance and encouraged the people of Uyo Senatorial District to consciously vote her to the Red Chamber so that the good plans she has for them could be brought to fruition, adding that every youth should come out on the election day to vote her as their vote is the representation of their choice and she is the choice of the people who will bring back the long-lasting legacy of Uyo Senatorial District.

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