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Uselessness of Religion In Politics

Religion and politics are two different spheres of human endeavour. Fortunately and unfortunately, they are interwoven in such a manner that they cannot be separated with ease. In religion, yes is yes and black is black but in politics, the opposite is the case. How do they come together then? This is the Matter of the moment, which you and I now try to find an answer whether they must continue to be so or separate one from another.

Generally, it is known that God, the Almighty Being created the universe, everything in it; the plants, the trees and the animals as well as the man whom He made in His own likeness to dominate everything both in land and seas as well as others in the air. To this end, a religious man whose calling and stock in trade is in religion, such human is known as man of God while the other man in the field of politics is known as the politician. The man of God has one face but the politician has many faces, a situation where something must be done to separate the goat from the sheep. Presently in Nigeria, nay, the whole world that act of separation is ongoing. Call it tsunami, shock, tidal wave, noise, many voices, multi voices, earthquake, rapture or defection, you are correct or near correct but cannot be incorrect or untrue to the fact of separation religion from politics this end time.

The situation as it is signals the coming of or what the greater and final thing would be to end all toils and woes, real man of God and man of God, politician and real politician. People should be weary of this. This is just man made rapture and the many faced politicians with millions or trillion of loots have misplaced and forgotten the Bible or Koran where they keep the Holy Book including the quotations and songs which they had been using to lure electorate into their traps. Like it was in Lagos, where huge amount of money was stacked in a building with no identity, it also happened elsewhere with identity, some had fallen sick, some committed suicide and others continue to run helter skelter to evade consequential decision. All that they know and remember is party they belong to. A highlife Maestro, Etubom Rex William had foretold this long ago in his piece, “Ti usen oro ” meaning remember that day.

According to that music, there are now crises, wailing, woes, confusions, defections and rejections in the land. This is really a time to learn and a time to change and be what you ought to have been and never all the things you wish you should be. This is corruption which is the bane of the society and what that had made many politicians to fall from grace to grass.

The incorruptible Judge covers everyone that is why He has set up this platform for people to be separated. Politics, however, as an elevated sense, has an indissoluble relationship with religion can and had since been separated. Baba Gana, a onetime minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria advised long ago, “ if you are a politician, politician well, If you are a man of God, man of God well”, Mrs. Dame Jonathan , wife of immediate past President of Nigeria in a situation like this said, “God Dey – o!!!” and the present President of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) also seen and known as a holder of professor of war against indiscipline has vowed that under his watch, no two face politician will have a field day until the war is won.

Finally, the Holy Bible and Holy Koran had made it known that God or Allah, Chineke or Abasi cannot be mocked. So therefore, even where and when a politician is not openly attacked or apprehended by the authority, self censorship and apprehension on the part of such politician is necessary and advisable before the arrival of the last when final judgment which has no appeal. And should be said “ I do not know you”.

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