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The Virtuous Woman of the Moment  MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA  By Joe Etokudor

The Virtuous Woman of the Moment MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA By Joe Etokudor

It is certain by this unalloyed approval that one emerges the first out of legions. In other words God does not have the word, “accident” in His Lexicon. He knows the end from the beginning. He has purposes and intentions which he deploys angels and humans to perform right from the first generation till date. He creates, calls and elects specific humans for certain assignments on earth. He approves men and women who wear crowns and the crowns they wear. Success has more to do with timing and commitment than luck.

In a small village of Afaha Ekpenedi in the present Esit Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, the weather was as usual, bitingly greeting the villagers who were busy going about their normal businesses. The hot sun was on a terrible one-side war was groups of people who were anxiously expecting the already belated arrival of a new life on earth. Expectedly, the waiting game was an unusually long one but the midwife very skilled in her profession was moving from ears to ears giving the much needed words of encouragement to the sad faces thronging the premises. Of course, despite such a consoling message, that very soon it was going to be happily over, the people were naturally very apprehensive. Then suddenly shouts of joy announcing the arrival of a healthy baby girl rented the air. Jubilant dancers took over the centre stage and the whole previously noiseless arena was brought to life. Unexpectedly, a heavy down pour took part in the happiness of the movement and the sun not waiting to be left out was also joyfully and actively participating.

A mixture of rainfall and sunshine occurred at the same time and it was a mysterious spectacle to behold. However, unknown to the shocked watchers, an unusual baby girl was also happily celebrated by an unusual event. Surprisingly, this shocking development occurred and this is a true life story of what happened during the very hour a baby girl named by her parents as ATIM INYANG ABIA was born. From then on, unusual events have always been trailing her. Happily they have all been having serous positive impacts in our society. MISS ATIM INYANG ABIA whose beauty, brilliance and excellence was found by a forthright and very promising man who sought for and got her hand in marriage later changed her name to MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA completed her primary school education in 1972 at Methodist School, Afaha Ekpenedi, Esit Eket and also completed her secondary education in 1978, at Mary Hanney Secondary School, Oron, Akwa Ibom State.

Undaunted in her determination to get qualitative education after getting a good result in her Senior School Certificate Examination, she proceeded to the Federal Advance Teachers’ College, Yola, Adamawa State where she obtained the National Certificate of Education (NCE) in 1982. Thereafter, she proceeded to the University of Uyo where she graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degree in French in 1995. MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA in 2011 bagged a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration to further pep up her already intimidating profile. In the academic world, although all teachers are equal, yet to quote George Orwell in his classic “Animal Farm in this rare stratum of unequal superior intellectual classification belongs, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA. In the learned views of William Shakespeare some are born great, some achieve greatness and to same, greatness is thrust, perhaps by mother luck. To MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA, a mixture of all these dimensions of greatness plays serious roles in her noble life. She was born great; she achieves greatness through rare courage and dint of hard work and in many cases, she is always entrusted with greatness by the unseen hands of destiny.

In the civil service, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA has acquired an enviable experience. As a professional teacher she had been a classroom teacher from 1983 to 2010. From 2010 to 2015 she was Deputy Zonal Director of education and from August 8, 2015 to January 1, 2016 was appointed Zonal Director. By dent of hard work and dedication, on January 12, 2016, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA was appointed Permanent Secretary, State Secondary Education Board (SSEB). Politically, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA has been known to be a round peg in a round hole. She was the chairperson, Family Support Programme (FSP), Esit Eket Local Government Area from 1989-1999. She also was council member, Akwa Ibom Sate School of Arts and Science, Nnug Ukim, Ikono from February 1, 1999 to May 29, 2003.

Since her appointment as Permanent Secretary, the State Secondary Education Board has experienced some remarkable progress and achievements. In line with the mission of the Board, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA has achieve so much which include but not limited to the following; Effective internal checks and control to enhance accountability and transparency; up to date in teachers’ promotion; appointment, posting and appropriate, placement of Principals-General and Vice Principals; ensuring compliance with service rules on punctuality. She ensures that truancy and loitering is eliminated both at the Board’s Headquarters and the field; carried out analysis of students’ performances in external examinations; promotions, conversions and confirmation of teaching and non-teaching staff for staff that deserve them. As one can rightly see today, the State Secondary Education Board is now experiencing the right ‘change’ under the administration of the new and viable Permanent Secretary, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA, the virtuous woman of the moment. To crown it all, MRS. ATIM AYANGHA EDET AYANGHA, a born again Child of God always occupies her time singing and reading Christian literature and also preaching the word of God. She is happily married with children.

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