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Wasted Talent In South Africa: Time It Is To Pick Up Thabang Malaza To The Sky

Wasted Talent In South Africa: Time It Is To Pick Up Thabang Malaza To The Sky

Thabang Malaza is an aspiring creative entertainer and musician famously known as Thabang Malaza. A determined and creative individual whose passion is for entertainment and inspiring his audience. Does not believe in just chasing a dream but having plans to reach the dream. Thabang Malaza dedicated his life to hard and always thinking smart and creative in order to reach the audience with something new and fresh. Born and bred in Bronkhorstspruit, had his primary education in mshuluzane mayisela primary school; Zithobeni secondary school as well at the University of South Africa (UNISA).

Thabang Malaza fell in love with acting back as a primary school kid, loved to act, sing, etc. as he grew up. Engaged in cameo roles with aspiring actors on screen by inviting them on his YouTube to get motivated. Ndumiso Gasa and Linda Namba, etc. motivated him as he got to learn where they came from and look at where they are now. Thabang Malaza is popularly known for his Check out social networks:@Thabang Malaza’s passion is acting.

He is making Bronkhorstspruit proud out there and archiving more in life. He got content on YouTube. Thabang Malaza who is well known in the art industry, announced to have completed his acting certificate. It’s rare to find a person from a deeply rural area going for such an odd career, more especially a man. He is the first to professionally train in acting at Code of art.

The 20years old male said that the motive of him getting professional training is because of the passion he has for acting and singing to gain professional recognition. “It doesn’t help to be a self-indulged artist because you won’t know the basic background and ethics of the profession”,  said Thabang Malaza.

He further said that his inspirations are to be known worldwide as a thespian and he is now accredited for international recognition. This means that he can work anywhere in the world. CCM  one of the community members added that ‘Thabang Malaza is not only useful in art but also at church, he is one of the most active members with golden voices and helps with church services actually he is a role model’. Malaza is a career juggernaut; he is also onto commercial modeling, acting, presenting and singing.

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