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We don’t need free but subsidized education – Dr. Young Usen  By Saviour Ekpe/John Ernest

We don’t need free but subsidized education – Dr. Young Usen By Saviour Ekpe/John Ernest

‘There is nowhere in the world that you have complete free education, but what is obtained is that they subsidize it so that it would be easy for parents to cope. When we talk of subsidy, it cuts across public and private schools’. That was a brief quotation drawn from interaction between Newsmen and Dr. Young Usen, an Mkpan Enin born but American trained education consultant/practitioner and the Proprietor of Aweforte Manor Preparatory School located at Ewet Housing Estate off Four Lane in Uyo.

Doctor Usen who was passionate and commended the state government for free and compulsory education in the state, observed that it will be much beneficiary to both parents and government if such gesture is done with conditionality attached to it by introducing a certain amount of money that is within the reach of an average parent, irrespective of how rich or poor they may be. He maintained that this will make parents and students to sit up for the academic challenges.

Usen, himself a consultant to Federal Ministry of Education advocated on what he termed as Relevant Education, where education curricula are tailored toward solving problems in the country. He added that developed countries of the world such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany among others used education to achieve their feats while country like Singapore domesticated western education to achieve the current development the have. He maintained that government at all levels should not politicized education but appoint core educationists to man offices and institutions that have to do with education.

He regretted that Akwa Ibom State only achieves 40 per cent in their educational pursuit, though noted with delight that according to a research carried out by him, the state is above northern part of Nigeria as long as education is concerned but call on the state government to rise to the challenge by using state apparatus to attempt to square up with the Western part of Nigeria.

He noted with satisfaction the level of education attainment of Singapore that is now the envy of other countries of the world. He explained that, “that is why I have concluded plans to take some school proprietors in Akwa Ibom to Singapore. The essence is for them to under study the Singaporean educational system with a view to injecting it into their schools for optimum benefit of our children”,

Dr. Usen is a man highly motivated, versatile, resourceful and experienced with strong background in General Resource Management,  Educational management with Professional Training, Entrepreneurship and Technopreneurship Software Development, Management Information System (MIS), Applied Business Management / Decision Sciences and others.

Dr Young has demonstrated teaching experience at undergraduate level in top class business school in the  United States International Accreditation Agency, (USIAA) accredited status in North America and Western Europe. Specifically, Young is known for being hard working and dedicated, consistently exhibiting a calm disposition, positive demeanor and personable attitude with a great sense of humor. Especially capable of successfully presenting complex business and technical concepts to different categories of learners.

He acquired an enviable experience in all facets of e-learning / education software, lifecycle development with demonstrated achievements in innovative academic and industry research and project management, sound expertise in designing, IT Solution to analyze, evaluate and improve performance and operational efficiencies of private business and public service.

This Akwa Ibom born possess outstanding ability to initiate and lead successful business / research collaborations between the University Community and Industry and within academia. He has an excellent international academic network with enormous potential for establishing and maintaining co-operations with other top level business school for collaborative research and exchange programmes.

Driven by personal philosophy of service and desire to assist others to enrich their lives, he considers it a great privilege to help students achieve their academic and career goals. While each student under him is working hard to ensure his / her academic and personal success, Young also put in hard work to develop and structure courses to meet students learning needs and deliver lectures, teachings, instructions and tutorials in a language suitable to their level of understanding.

As A professional teacher and instructor, he had been a classroom teacher from 1993 to 2011. From 2011 to 2013 he was the School Head / Director of Studies at the Tender Years Preparatory School Abuja, and from 2013 to 2015 Usen was the Independent County Representative, Coordinator of business operation within and outside Nigeria.

He started his teaching career after being armed with the National Certificate in Education (NCE) from the Akwa Ibom State College of Education, Afaha Nsit. He obtained Advance Diploma in Computer Science at the University of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State in 1997. His undying quest for knowledge spurred him to obtain Degree in Character Education from Trinity University, Indiana, USA. 2000. In his determination to get qualitative education after the previous certificates, he proceeded to Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, England where he was certified as Cohort Tutor Group Leader in Multimedia and Education Leadership. Thereafter, he proceeded to the Phillip Roy Academy University, Largo, USA, he graduated with Masters Dgree in Life Skills Education and Training. Dr. Young Bagged a certificate of Trainer of Trainers in Life Skills Education at the United States International Accreditation Agency (USIAA) in 2005 and in 2007, he bagged a Doctorate Education Leadership and Training at the Keystone University, Largo, Florida, USA.

He has also attended several National Training courses and schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine and Singapore on Multimedia / Educational Leadership, supervisors training, project management, enterprise leadership programme, general and advanced leadership programme, health safety and environmental awareness negotiation and conflict resolution, etc.

An accomplished leader that believes in Education, integrity and quality, he has had excellent and successful career in e-learning solutions, consult with educational institutions on implementation strategies of virtual learning environment and e-learning applications and platforms.  His career in the teaching industry has spanned over 20 years, during which period he traversed various learning Institutions, thus making him the hardnosed professional he is today.

Dr Young Usen has made several publications such as; You and your Computer, Teaching the Pre-school Child – Essential Basic skills Multimedia, Basic Skills among so many others

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