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Where Are The Old Musicians Cum Prophets?

What the old musicians in their albums relayed to the people then as pleasurable, materials for dancing contained meaningful prophetic messages which are now manifesting and coming out in fulfillment of what they sang and talked about. Of note are Reggae Maestro, Jimmy Cliff and a Highlife King, Etubom Rex William. Jimm Cliff in his piece, ‘harder they come’ talked about what really may sink many nations of the world now. What are these “they” in case someone may ask? The “they” are the many challenges world leaders are now facing including Nigeria.

Nigeria for example is faced with many challenges and the more they are solved or almost solved, the harder and more they come, hence the Jimmy Cliff’s composition harder they come. Think of the stiff fight put up by Boko Haram for many years now in Nigeria, followed by kidnappings, rappism, ritual and political killings and if those were not enough is now hardly followed by the seeking of settlement for cattle ranch simply called and known as RUGA. Now has the number of RUGAs in Nigeria out-number the Nigerian population. Oh! What or which way Nigeria? This was a question another Nigerian Musician once asked, the matter of the moment believes that by that time Nigeria found herself at cross road.

At that time, military government, unitary government, dictatorship kind of government and democratic government were before Nigeria to whose after the civil war of 1967 – 1970. Even with choice of democracy challenges still come harder and harder including corruption and cries for restructuring of the nation. United States of America, the world power is battling with Iran, North Korea to see reasons with on the range of missiles usage as well as nuclear tests.

As stated above, Etubom Rex William proclaimed a warning to the world that she is about jumping over a fence like an aeroplane overshooting its runway. All these sounded notes of warning to the present age like it was in the age of Noah. The matter of the moment therefore calls for the coming back of such musicians cum prophets with more revelations particularly the churches with men and women of God falling prey each day, which is the last bus stop as BursticKing Bassey in his music alerted people’s attention.

Christians and Muslims including other religious group should be weary of whatever frequency the world operates now as she seems to be telling and reminding the people of what Etubom Rex William said about the world and according to the Holy Bible, the church is the last bus stop for bringing all the challenges to an end. Be watchful, know yourself and remember your creator.

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