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Where did we lose it?

By Ruth Richard

Where did we lose it? Where did we keep good neighborliness? Where did we lose our morals, discipline and the saying “injury to one is injury to all?” I was stuck in traffic days back waiting for the green light, suddenly, here comes a police van, it is expected that all vehicles must stop regardless but the van broke traffic rules and off it went. I wondered what had happened to law enforcement agencies that are supposed to protect and ensure compliance to the rule of law; of course, the law of Nigeria is seemed to be for the poor and those in power are above the law they put in place. I wonder, what happens to discipline and patriotism?

I saw a neighbor’s child misbehaving, I cautioned the child but the mother was bitter against me and asked why I scolded her child; I wonder what happens to our morals. There was a time we had child upbringing not only the responsibility of the parents but everyone was concerned about the good of others. You are at home and probably did your laundry same with your neighbor, it is about to rain, you un-hang your clothes leaving your neighbor’s, so I asked what happened to good neighborliness and loving your neighbor as yourself?

            There was once upon a time you see children play together, walk to and from school together but now, children are addicted to gadgets, discriminate against other children and the height of disrespect is the norm. Where did we lose our morals? The era of communal living had long gone that people are depressed, frustrated and bittered with no one to talk to just to avoid being a subject of gossip by other neighbors thereby worsening the situation they find themselves so they choose to die in silence, anguish, loneliness and hurt. I wonder what happens to injury to one is injury to all?

Back then where I grew up, I saw families come together during festivities to share with other families what they had. No one felt superior to the other that was good neighborliness, things have changed and the society has been infiltrated by ills and moral disvalue that everyone is suspecting the other. Children are cautioned against familiarizing with other children to avoid being contaminated and influenced negatively. Adults turn deaf ears when they see children go wrong to avoid being misunderstood, you hear them say “wetin concern me with person pikin”. So I wonder what happens to the times love was leading in our society.

Religion and denomination have brought a divide to an extent that people don’t render help because the fellow in need is of the other denomination or religion, but we keep saying all religion and denomination preach peace, love and unity. Who then are we deceiving? With the trend in recent times, I am wondering what legacy and kind of life we are going to leave for our children’s children if these vices continue.

Evil has permeated the society but if each of us plays our parts well, need I tell you how peaceful and happy life will be? These are the signs the Bible asked us to watch out for at the end time that people will be lovers of themselves. If you and I can think back to years ago we had innocence and sincerity, then we will know that we had lost it completely along the way and only then can the saying “injury to one is injury to all”. I hope your conscience has been stimulated for good.

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