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Why Uyo Senatorial District People Prefer Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette

Why Uyo Senatorial District People Prefer Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette

By Christian George/Happiness Amos

As the 2023 elections draw closer, the Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District candidate under the African Democratic Congress, Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette has been given a nod to run as the people of the nine local government areas that make up the senatorial district have already given votes of acceptance and explained why she is the preferred candidate for the top lawmaking job in the country.

Aside from being the first female candidate to vie for the seat, the people believe that there is a need for a change starting from massively voting her into the authority where she can use her motherly disposition to drag home the needed dividends of democracy.

As a litmus test of her selflessness, she had flown a non-for-profit organization, Princess Victoria Ibokette Foundation (PVIF), a platform she uses to cater to the needy and they believe that she would do more if she gets a government platform against her private endeavours. As an entrepreneur and trained security consultant, Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette would leverage her wealth of experience to propound laws that would ensure security and support businesses to thrive and her area of representation would become a hub for startups and investors alike.

Given the fact that she is a teacher and minister of the gospel, Princess Ibokette had, through her personally-funded NGO, preached against child abuse, abduction and forced labour; and even had to organize a prayer summit for the release of Chibok girls. In her strive to affect more lives, she annually holds golf tournaments and had recently donated recipes to graduating students to aid their sustenance while they search for jobs.

The Uyo Senatorial District hopeful is pregnant with developmental blueprints awaiting delivery if she makes it to the Red Chamber and it is believed that she will make a difference not just as the first female to occupy the seat since the creation of Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District but because of the trust the people have on her.

In their submission, the the Traditional Ruler’s Council of Iman, the Paramount Rulers of Uyo and Itu, Their Royal Majesties, Edidem Edidem Sylvanus Effiong and Edidem (Dr.) Edet Akpan Inyang (Amb. P) as well as the Clan Head of Itam, His Royal Highness, Etebom (Dr.) Donald Uboh JP (Amb. P) have on separate occasions given their royal consent to Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette’s candidacy described her as the round hole in the round peg. They all agreed that since the female gender has never vied for nor given the opportunity, the advent of Princess Ibokette will fill the gap as they have unanimously endorsed her for the top legislative job.

The custodians of the royal stools noted that women, given opportunity in any organization always perform creditably well in most cases more than their men counterparts. While commending Ibokette for filling the gap for women, argued that the 35 per cent affirmative action to women is a slap to womanhood, saying that more opportunities rather be given to women than men in all elective and appointive political and professional offices as women, according to them are better managers of men and resources.

In their separate remarks, women leaders, youth groups, the elderly as well as physically challenged people are of the opinion that Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette’s advent to pilot the Akwa Ibom North East (Uyo) Senatorial District leadership will give everybody a sense of belonging since her motherly disposition is not new to them as most of them are beneficiaries of her foundation’s benevolence and empowerment.

While some of them described her in different ways, some called her, “the payer of people’s debt”, “parent to the orphan”, “a friend of the hopeless”, “a mother in Israel”, “a timely interventionist”, “a lifter of the poor from the ground”, “Moses of our time”, “the Deborah of this age”, many explained, “she was with us in PDP and she is a giver to the core and we cannot afford to miss this kind of person” and many other names given to her to express their appreciation to her kindness. In all these, there is a general empathy of acceptance, commitment and personal sacrifices as some are already going around communities to preach the gospel of Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette’s race to Senate to the women, men and youths. The people of Uyo Senatorial District succinctly explained reasonable reasons why they will elect Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette of the ADC (African Democratic Congress) as the next Senator for Uyo Senatorial District:

The Senator of the people, not the chosen of the political/ruling class

Princess (Dr.) Victoria Ibokette is relying on the power of God and that of the people to get her elected, while others rely heavily on the ‘structures’ of their political party to get elected and the power of money. The consequence of this is clear. If Princess Ibokette is elected by the people, she will make laws that will have a direct overwhelming majority influence on the people who voted her to power. Unlike others who, if elected will spend reasonable public funds and time to reward the structures that got them elected to the detriment of the masses’ future, our children and the unborn generation.

Young, vibrant and energetic woman

For three regimes, Akwa Ibom South (Eket) Senatorial District produced three women the persons of Senator Eme Ufot Ekaette, Eket; Senator Helen Esuene, Eket and Senator Akon Enyakenyi, Oron as senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and their records glowingly amazing in the floor of the senate and empowerment though none of them at the time was less than 60 years of age. Uyo Senatorial District, a similar opportunity has emerged to choose a much younger woman with capacity, competence, courage, exposure, agility, ability and strength to lobby and bring good things to the senatorial district and indeed, the entire state to benefit from her magnanimity and philanthropic gesture.

Shape legislation

Senators take part in deliberations and voting within the Senate, with the goal of advancing the issues and positions that matter to their state. Princess Ibokette as a team player has always committed herself in things and activities that will benefit the people and the Senate, her overall concentration would be to fully participate in all legislative activities for a robust engagement.

Serve state interests

Because they represent their states, a senator must be familiar with an extensive array of ‘interests’, a broad term that covers individual, public, business, corporate and industry concerns. These interests can be represented by well-organized groups of individuals or small businesses that contribute to the health and vitality of local communities. Princess Ibokette’s liberal disposition; corporate world experience; service to humanity and deep concern for women folk. Others are liberating the youths from mental and political enslavement; her wide connection is second to none; massive job employment plans are on the way and Her negotiating ability despite her gender.

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