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Works Commissioner Battles With Developmental Strides  By Josephine Ekpa

Works Commissioner Battles With Developmental Strides By Josephine Ekpa

Akparawa Ephraim Inyang, the Works Commissioner in Governor Udom’s Administration is a name that rings a bell in the ears of the people of Akwa Ibom State working earnestly to ensure that the state is fully developed.

To ensure that this is achieved within a record time, the energetic and dynamic gentleman works round the clock to ensure optimum success of every developmental project. Prominent among these are quality completion of road projects like Information Drive where Pioneer Newspaper, Corporation, Nigeria Union of Journalists Secretariat, Nigerian Broadcasting Commission Offices, National Museum among other information offices situate.  Others are community roads across the length and breaths of Akwa Ibom state where in some cases he is accused, blanked, given names of social sorts because of one thing or the other like demolition of structures already existing thereat and payment of compensations.  Since he had developed a thick skin to absorb shocks, he goes on completing the  jobs at hand for the benefits of the state.

Recently, Governor Udom Emmanuel as a guest on a programme on Planet FM/101.1 had promised to construct Nduetong Oku – Ibiaku Uruan road with a spur to Planet FM.  Addressing newsmen, Akparawa Inyang said after  the Ministry of Works completed the profiling of the road and designs that apart from Nduetong  – Iba Oku – Ibiaku Uruan roads, the State government also awarded eleven other road projects with economic values and has also mobilized contractors to sites. With the newly awarded road projects, the all weather works Commissioner, Akparawa Inyang who is considered as a round peg in a round hole is now tightening his belt to face the works squarely.  All things being equal, it is being expected that with the last on the list of the newly awarded road projects which is the emergency works and the actualization of 3.1 kilometers Nung Ette Road in Shelter Afrique Estate, Mbiabong Etoi in Uyo Local Government, the works commissioner would work to ensure that Udom vision of making Akwa Ibom State a new and safe haven would be achieved.

Without mincing words, the works of Akparawa Inyang would come to the fore as Governor Udom Gabriel Emmanuel commissions some of the life touching projects of his administration as Akwa Ibom State celebrates her 30th year anniversary. Little wonder some sections of the community were against his position in the present dispensation because they knew the fabulous Inyang would deliver what they did not want to see something good for the citizens.

Finally, with the support for the administration and co-operation, with the work commissioner, Akwa Ibom State would at the end be a place where people from all walks of life like to be identified with while others mainly community would like to visit.  So, far, lovers of good things are saying and cheering the Commissioner for works to keep up and never be deterred by detractors. Cheers Akparawa.  Work had.  God bless you as you support Udom and Udom is right.

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