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APC’s Prof. Peace Udosen Unanimously Endorsed

APC’s Prof. Peace Udosen Unanimously Endorsed

…As Political Gamesmanship Hots Up in Uyo Senatorial District:

The political milieu and temperature in Akwa Ibom State and in the country has gone feverish as 2023-general elections year in Nigeria and Akwa Ibom State- is fast approaching. Political contenders are sharpening their knives and fine tuning their intrigues, tactics and strategies to grab their desired positions. But, providence is an unmistakable factor in all this.

Also, as usual, political canvassers are in constant touch with the grassroots to drum support for their products. Fate doctors have lined up the streets and bush tracks to outdo opponents of their political gladiators. And the electorates are on the wings to throw in their weight for their preferred candidates.

As the political gamesmanship hots up, the supposed aspirants are not resting on their havens in an effort to clinch their envisaged positions. Aspirants of the Presidential, senatorial, governorship and House of Assembly seats are on the prowl moving from cities to rural areas.

Similarly, a group of elders and youths under the umbrella of Ibom Electorates Network, politically acronymed as IEN, have lend their voices, initiated an advocacy and unanimous re-echoe their supports for a senatorial power shift in APC in Uyo senatorial District with particular call on Akparawa Prof. Peace Udosen to throw his hat into the ring and vie for the Senatorial seat of Uyo Senatorial District under the platform of APC.

As the Uyo senatorial seat is about to go vacant, the political space in the state is foggy. Will the people and political stalwart allow divine providence to survive Uruan political milieu? Akparawa Peace Udosen is no doubt the right candidate for the task ahead?  Does he has the political muscle, network, goodwill and capacity to clinch the plum position or the Uyo senatorial seat position? More questions, no ready-made answers. Time will tell!

But, WHY IS IEN ready to sponsor & support Akparawa (Prof.) Peace E. Udosen if they were not sure of his vision delivery capacity? Documented facts of changed lives are not far fetch from the present reality that, with your personal resources HE has touched and empowered several lives hence HE is proudly called “Mr. Human Capacity Developer” and we are very OPTIMISTIC that if Prof. Peace UDOSEN ia given the providentially endorsed opportunity to serve at the Senate, HE shall do more exploits. P.E.A.C is the very young Manager, Accountable and Never New(MAN)for the job.

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