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Armed Self-Defence: Marching Order to Governors By NINAS

Armed Self-Defence: Marching Order to Governors By NINAS

On 15th July 2022 NINAS released an important Video Broadcast about the ongoing Fulani invasion against indigenous peoples of Nigeria, with Directions For Action, the Extraordinary Alerts Series No. 7. This is Part 2: Activation of Armed Self-Defence: Marching Order to Governors.

In the first part of this broadcast we had indicated that we were going to tell our people exactly what to do to put guns in the hands of those who have been invaded with AK-47-bearing Fulani militia and with the complicity and facilitation of our government and its military…

… And so, we come back to what do we do right now to put guns in the hands of our people who are being tormented, who have been invaded [by armed Fulani]? The Constitutional Force Majeure that we activated on the 16th of December in 2020 has gone through the implementation phases that involved enlightenment and mobilization going towards enforcement now. And we have come to where we must activate the armed self-defence component of the self-determination that is being asserted. And how will it go? How was it designed to go? How can it go now? Remember that on the 17th of April in 2021 after the 90 days had lapsed, the 90 days notice we gave to the Federal Government to come to the discussion of this Union Dispute raised, that lapsed on the 16th of March, so by the 17th we invited the Governors to come in the 30 days that followed to the discussion, because the Federal Government is on one side, and the Governors will either be on the side of their people in this debate, or cling with the side of the enemy holding that Constitution as sacrosanct. The people have REPUDIATED this Constitution, I’m sure we remember the Solemn Assembly in Port Harcourt on 27 April 2015 when the peoples of the Lower Niger, that’s the South-South and Southeast of the old Midwest Region and Eastern Region, these nationalities spread across those 11 states of today, had gathered as Ethnic Nations in Port Harcourt to REPUDIATE that Constitution to the hearing of the whole world. On the 7th of September in 2017 the Yoruba did a similar thing, the Yoruba Solemn Assembly at Adamasingba Stadium in Ibadan. Their Governors were all present, their traditional rulers were present including the Ooni and all kinds of their political leaders, Repudiating that Constitution as basis of Union for them. On the 18th of July in 2018 the Middle Belt did likewise. And so, having all repudiated that Constitution, and it is that Constitution by its Exclusive List that sequestered the control of arms to the Federal Government, it is that Constitution that forbids the states from touching arms or ammunitions, it is that Constitution that puts police and other security, army and all the other things in between, in the hands of the Federal Government exclusively. And so, the peoples of the land, the indigenous nationalities of Nigeria in exercise of their Sovereignty have Repudiated the Constitution by which their Sovereignty is confiscated and detained, by which they are exposed to this kind of danger of being killed because there’s a Federal Government that has exclusive control over guns. And so, on the 17th of April 2021 NINAS then invited the Governors to specific actions that they must take after the 30-day consultation. Those actions boil down to going to send Bills to their State Assemblies because they have to be either on the side of their people who have been invaded and killed, or on the side of the enemy that is hanging on to that Constitution as basis of a Union that their people have rejected. That Constitution that ties their hands and removes guns from their hands. So the Governors were invited to now step up to fill the gap! The complicity of the Federal Government is no longer in dispute: Danjuma told us in March 2018 that the Government of Nigeria was complicit in the invasion that was going on, and that people should get ready to defend themselves…So it’s no longer in doubt that there is complicity of the Government of Nigeria and its Armed Forces organized by the Fulani, controlled by the Fulani exclusively.

And so the Governors were invited to send Bills, you know in our last broadcast we said if our people will listen to us now we will tell them what to do to put guns in the hands of those who have been invaded – ie legitimately. This is now Marching Orders from the Owners of the Sovereignty: the Governors must now step into that role of filling the gap since the Federal Government is not coming to defend them. Rather, the Federal Government is complicit in the attacks. Governors must now do like Samuel Ortom did: taking the same advice to send Bills to the State Assemblies. Let the State Assemblies pass the Bills, let the Governors sign the Bills into Law to issue firearms to agencies they are going to create to defend their people.

It’s not enough to say that the people should go and defend themselves! HOW would they do it! How would they organize themselves to be able to push back when 200 – 300 Fulani militia turn up in their communities bearing AK-47, three men per motorcycle? That’s the way they move. And so, if you have a community that can hardly boast of 100 or 200 people, how are they going to respond if they are surrounded by 900 men carrying fully loaded AK-47s? Is it by jawbone they’re going to defend them? I ask Pastor Adeboye [that]. By what means? So the Governors cannot be going in the name of people to collect 3 billion, 4 billion, 5 billion every month; the Governors cannot be collecting taxes and buying houses in Switzerland and Ikoyi for themselves, and then when it comes to doing what they should do to defend the people that are being killed, they say “The Constitution says…” There’s nothing – the Constitution is dead. The 1999 Constitution is no longer able to prevent you from doing whatever you can be doing for yourself. So those 68 items on the Exclusive List: arms and ammunition and everything that you couldn’t do [are now possible]…So where we are now is that every other suggestion about how to go and defend yourself or how to go and get guns – could be criminalized [Reader please take NOTE!].

I have to refer now to a video that has gone viral from Pastor Paul Enenche in which he was talking about some law that permits people to defend themselves, a criminal code or penal code in which they could in the course of defending themselves or other people or their property even kill the aggressor. Yes, such law exists but there is also the Constitution that expressly makes arms and ammunition the exclusive business of Federal Government. The implication being that if you are found with any gun that was not issued to you or authorised by the Federal Government or any of his agencies it is an offence in itself. There must be some mediocre lawyer that has come to make that suggestion that there is a law under which people can do so. Because people who listen to it, who think, “Oh let’s go and get our gun and wait”. Under the Constitution which supersedes all laws because that’s what a Constitution is, it overrides the other laws. The Constitution says only the Federal Government and its agencies can carry arms or authorize or issue arms. Any gun not licensed by them becomes an offense if found with you. And so, it is not enough to say go and defend yourself! It will be the wrong law to cite that people can go and get gun because some law say so, when the Constitution says otherwise. You are endangering the people who will listen to that instruction, to that advice. We have also heard it from a few other places where people are imagining that they could just go and get gun, everybody gets a gun. No. Let that energy that is being used to pursue “PVC now!” [since] election is in 2023 and  you are being distracted from [prioritizing] the invasion that is going on, so that energy that is being used to pursue PVC should be used to compel those Governors to do exactly what Samuel Ortom did. NINAS is hoping from where things are now, that in the course of July 2022, all the states especially the ones that have passed anti-open grazing laws will follow it up by passing the kind of law that Benue passed by which firearms were issued. Because the Constitution has been Repudiated by their constituents, the Governors must now step into that space. Our Sovereignty is on the table. If the Governors don’t join their people to step into that space to make laws and issue firearms, create agencies that will stand in, NOT state police, NOT anything the National Assembly has to approve of, not anything the IG of police has to approve of.  We saw the Governor in Zamfara talking about the police commissioner that will approve.  No! You don’t need anybody’s approval if the State Assembly will pass the law for you to create an agency to bear arms that will defend the people from this kind of invaders. Under such laws you can also deploy drones to monitor when they are coming. If you do not step into that role now the terrorists, the militia, the Fulani invaders are going to step into it like we have seen in Zamfara where they control about seven local government areas, now collecting taxes.

You cannot say you are Governor and this kind of a thing is happening, and we have this kind of opening in which the Constitution that has been Repudiated you are now citing it as a reason why you can’t. So you are standing with the enemy if you are not standing with the people.

We are inviting everybody concerned to realize that we can put guns in the hands of our people. We endanger them if we ask them to go and defend themselves. The general overseers who are saying these things are surrounded by mobile policemen and soldiers – large numbers – in the place they live, but they ask villagers whose income cannot even buy one rifle [to somehow have what is required to defend themselves]. How are they going to coordinate themselves to be able to become any kind of a resistance to this kind of invasion we see where they [Fulani invaders] come on motorcycles? The law is on the side of the enemy that’s why the motorcycles can come from wherever they come and go as they go. We saw the other time that people tried to chase after the ones who invaded them and military helicopters turned up in Southern Kaduna and cleared out the villagers, so that the invaders can escape. So it is a choice that has to be made now. Governors must now be on the side of their people to send in Bills to the State Assemblies, pass it into law, signed, and issue firearms. Elections cannot resolve this matter. Election is the most wicked distraction in the kind of invasion that is going on. Election will not solve this problem. The Peter Obi that went to Downing Street, anybody who wants to know the role of Britain in distracting us in favour of the Caliphate should go to Youtube and research the video titled, “Nigeria the pyramid of evil” [the link to it is in the NOTES section below] so that you can see that Peter Obi has been drafted. If Nigeria was working well and it’s just an economic problem, Peter Obi will be one of those everybody will say let us try, he certainly has shown competence, but that’s not the question now. What we are facing is an invasion by the Fulani Agenda attempting to take our Sovereignty, our land, and if we do not find the solution to that problem, and we’re talking about economic reconstruction when the land might have been taken by the Fulani.

In any event I listened to Peter Obi on Arise TV. The reason I’m calling him out is that the young people are going about it pursuing PVC in the hope that the election of Peter Obi will solve all these problems. I’m just pointing out to them that this aspect is not covered by what Peter Obi is advertising he’s going to solve. The aspect of the invasion that is going on now when election is in 2023 so the invasion can overrun you before February of 2023.

Anybody who is not offering us an answer, not offering us a solution to that invasion is discussing something else. Listening to him on Arise TV, Peter Obi is talking about how to save Nigeria, [whereas] NINAS is talking about how to save Nigerians that are trapped in the toxic unitary Union defined by this Constitution. These are two different campaigns, these are two different subject matters. Saving Nigeria? Or saving Nigerians that are currently trapped in Nigeria? [Which one] at a time the Fulani want to take that Nigeria [you hope to save] for themselves! So the first urgent business is how do we recover the land? How do we remain the owners of the land? Because we are being overrun.

We either sacrifice that Nigeria that’s not working to save the Nigerians that are trapped here being slaughtered here, or we sacrifice the millions of Nigerians that will be killed to save that Nigeria that Fulani want to take for themselves. Let us reflect on this and make the choices we have to make.

I do not want to talk about the other candidates because we already see what Atiku said about the open grazing laws that have been passed by the states. He said they are unconstitutional. We saw what he did with Deborah’s [Samuel] killing in Sokoto he stood with his people. If Atiku becomes president he is going to just continue the Fulani Agenda, make no mistakes about that. As for Tinubu and his APC it’s a pity that for Tinubu that went to bring this calamity upon us, the Buhari that became president, because he has not been called to account for the consequences of that terrible decision supported by falsehood which they spread all over the place and the violence that was imported. Now he wants to stand on the podium of that wrongdoing, to offer himself as the next president. I don’t think we need to discuss that ticket. I don’t think we need to discuss Atiku that was why I went straight to the Peter Obi that is looking like alternative to the people chasing PVC all around. Let us do first things first. That Constitution has been defeated. If we don’t step into our Sovereignties the invaders will step into it.

I think we can stop there.

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