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CRARN Wins Freedom Prize 2022 Of Discriminated Children in Nigeria

CRARN Wins Freedom Prize 2022 Of Discriminated Children in Nigeria

The Freedom Prize was awarded to a Nigerian organization that saves thousands of children who have been hunted down for twenty years.

Sam Itauma, the President and founder of Child’s Right and Rehabilitation Network, received the Freedom Prize on Tuesday May 31, 2022, in Caen, WEST FRANCE

To the 2,000 young people from Normandy who face him at the Zénith de Caen, he recounts the fate of children from Nigeria accused of witchcraft “chained in dark rooms”, rejected, hated, poisoned, thrown dead into the river. Sam Itauma, the founder of the CRARN organization (Child’s Right And Rehabilitation Network), received the 2022 Freedom Prize in Caen, Tuesday May 31, 2022.

Initiative of the President of Normandy Hervé Morin, decorrelated for the first time from the highlight that is the Normandy World Peace Forum which will take place on September 23 and 24, the Prize rewards a fight in favor of the defense of freedoms in the world every year for the past four years.

More than 7,000 voters worldwide

Sam Itauma’s fight touched Lena, a high school student in Rouen, who proposed her candidacy. It was one of the ten applications chosen out of 253 by the young members of the international jury. He was crowned after a vote in which more than 7,000 young people from 41 countries participated.

The international jury of the Freedom Prize included 22 young people from eleven countries. The Freedom Prize is “a privilege and a cry of alarm which invites us to do even more”, emphasizes Sam Itauma. The trophy is accompanied by €25,000, the usefulness of which is all found. “Our organization now has hundreds of children in a makeshift shelter, a school at the Center in Eket, and foster homes in Nigeria.

Young people live with the knowledge that their parents have abandoned them and we have few resources to take care of them because the organization is entirely run by volunteers, with funding from individuals, and very few organizations. This funding is used to feed and educate children and to continue the fight for their rights.

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