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Groups Call For Cancellation Of 2023 Presidential Election Result In Nigeria

Groups Call For Cancellation Of 2023 Presidential Election Result In Nigeria

…Say Election Was Marred With Fraud, irregularities, Distortion of Records

By Saviour Ekpe

Members of the Peter Obi Presidential Campaign Committee (PCC), Akwa Ibom State; Civil Society Organisation and the Coalition for Peter Obi have demanded the cancelation of the result of the 2023 Presidential election in Nigeria.

Represented by Captain Augustine Okon, Akwa Ibom State Coordinator of Peter Obi Presidential Campaign Council; Comrade Ifot N. Ifot, Civil Society Organisation and Comrade Bernard Titus, Head of Coalition for Peter Obi, the group made their positions during a world press conference in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

Reading the text of the conference, Captain Okon said that the entire youths of Nigeria are disappointed by what he described as daylight robbery by the INEC especially, the way INEC manipulated the result of the presidential election to favour a certain candidate as against the popular Peter Obi, “let me begin by thanking Nigerians who came out en masse to express their desire for a New Nigeria on the 25th of February 2023. The Support Groups, Obidient family and the Labour Party among others defied the scourging economy, hardship orchestrated by the APC-led government, and scarcity of the Naira to express their civic responsibility of freedom of choice on who deserves their mandate. As you are aware, on  February 25, 2023, Nigerians trooped out in their numbers to participate in an election INEC promised would be free, fair and credible. Alas, we all are witnesses to the daylight robbery and declaration of results alien to any constitutional or approved electoral process. We need to let the world know that as much as we reject the APC and its rigging rascality, the blatant compromise of the electoral process by the PDP in Akwa Ibom State should be rejected in its totality”.

“The INEC chairman, Professor Mahmoud Yakubu, had promised Nigerians that all units’ results will be uploaded to the IReV portal from such units through the BVAS. But without any notification or explanation, INEC proceeded to manually collate and announce the so called election results. This does not only give room for suspicion but eventually shows a grand gang up to not just suppress the will of the people but impose an unpopular candidate on Nigerians through a flawed process. This is evident in the wide disparity between the results from the units and what INEC eventually announced”.

The PCC Coordinator accused INEC and PDP of connivance to rob Peter Obi of victory in the well-contested election in the state, added that the call for the cancelation of the election was apt he, however, noted that in an alternative plan, if Peter Obi is not declared winner of the 2023 Presidential election, the council will have no choice than to seek a redress in court,  “in Akwa Ibom State, we noticed the brazen connivance between the INEC and the agents of the PDP, who not only intimidated, bullied, maimed and forcefully abducted adhoc staff of INEC and ended up presenting results outside what the people expressed at the polls. The PCC Akwa Ibom State demands that INEC should come out clean of this daylight robbery and produce the original results which clearly show HE Peter Obi winning the election with a significant majority of the total votes and having the required constitutional spread. PETER OBI should therefore be declared, the duly elected President of Nigeria. Akwa Ibom people nay Nigerians have lost trust in the INEC as presently constituted hence this INEC lacks the credibility, integrity and honesty to conduct any free and fair election in the future”.

“The PCC Akwa Ibom State has collated enough evidences to prove that, His Excellency, Peter Obi, won the election in Akwa Ibom State and will liaise with the legal team to ensure that the stolen mandate is recovered. Let me emphasize that members of the OBIDIENT FAMILY are LAW ABIDING citizens who truly wish for a Nigeria where things are done rightly and justly. They desire a Nigeria where the rule of law reigns over the swinging mood of corrupt men. The OBIDIENTS, it must be said cut across political parties, religion, ethnicity, mundane and conflicted boundaries imposed by vain men”.

Okon called on supporters of Peter Obi to keep hope alive and be law abiding as due process would be adopted to recover the ‘stolen mandate’, “we advise all members of the Obidient family not to take the Laws into their hands as the appropriate channels will be explored to recover the mandate that majority of Nigerians freely gave to Mr PETER OBI to preside as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As rightly advised by our principal, we shall all abide by the rule of law and engage the due process to recover the stolen mandate. We encourage all the OBIDIENTS not to despair for in due time your wish and desire for a NEW NIGERIA will become POSSIBLE with His Excellency PETER GREGORY OBI as our leader and President”.

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