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“I Shall Give My People The Expected Benefits Of Provision, Protection And Care” – Hon. Idorenyin Umo

“I Shall Give My People The Expected Benefits Of Provision, Protection And Care” – Hon. Idorenyin Umo

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“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born, I sanctified you and ordained you a prophet to nation”, so states Jeremiah 1:5 to confirm to Akwa Ibom people that before the governorship aspirant, Hon. Idorenyin Umo, was born, it had already been confirmed that he would contend for the position to fulfill the law of nature by meeting the expectation of the people in all facets of human needs.

In today’s world, he is not standing as a prophet but a governorship candidate under the Peoples Democratic Party with the view to making the dream of Akwa Ibom people come true. Hon. Umo, a devoted Christian under the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship, reiterated that the state would greatly benefit from his administration if he wins the 2023 gubernatorial race. In his blueprint, the governorship contender vowed to lead the state as a servant and would use his position to exemplify accountability, responsibility and transparency to ensure that the expectation of the people would be met.

The Ibiono Ibom born governorship hopeful stressed that his government would also practice due process. As a business mogul who saw it that the way he could impact more on the people was by effective representation, has used his position to offer scholarship to many and would do more if he is voted into power.

He said that in principle and practice that his government would see to applying servant-hood, stewardship and shepherdship, which he termed as godly qualities in serving the people and leaving an enduring legacy of leadership in the state.

His style of leadership is people centred; hence, he vowed to be people-focused and work on projects that will directly touch the lives of every Akwa Ibom indigene. The vision of offering himself as the chief servant for the state is also to take Akwa Ibom from where it is to a higher height where every other nation would be proud to be identified with not just because of its transparency and accountability but that the primary needs of the people have been met. According to him, this government shall entrench leadership through the three prong processes of servanthood. “I shall see and consider my position as an opportunity to serve the people and not to exploit or oppress them.”

For stewardship and shepherdship, “I intend to practice accountable leadership exemplified through responsibility, transparency and the use of due process. I shall give to the people the expected benefits of provisions, protection and care”, adding that his “government shall see to applying these godly qualities in serving the people of Akwa Ibom State and leaving them enduring legacies of the leadership of the state.

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