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Methods Suspected Criminals Use Fake Social Media To Attack People, Swindle Money

Methods Suspected Criminals Use Fake Social Media To Attack People, Swindle Money

By Our Correspondent

Criminals are now on the prowl of opening fake social media accounts, especially on facebook and twitter in order to dupe unsuspected members of the public. Several people who have already fallen into their whims are already counting their loses as millions of monies including that of hard currencies have been swindled by these hoodlums.

The latest on their activities extort money from an Apostolic Pastor (name withheld by us) in Ikot Ekpene, the raffia city of Akwa Ibom State through anonymous calls with hidden numbers. Since their efforts to get money in an illegal way from the man of God fell on deaf ears, they resorted to social media to smear his hard-earned reputation.

On thorough findings, Newsmen observed that those suspected criminals opened facebook account, lured less than 10 people as their friends; use the account with a name of a renowned American musician, with the pastor’s picture as a picture profile to perpetuate their evils.

The suspected criminals after hacking into the Pastor’s facebook account and that of his daughter (name withheld by us), use the same to manufacture fake information as if it was the revered Pastor’s daughter that wrote to the father. They also hacked into facebook accounts of the Pastor and other innocent members of the church and claimed to be a conversation between the pastor and members of the church accusing the pastor and the innocent married female member of the church (name withheld by us) of having illicit affairs with the pastor while also using the pastor’s daughter (name withheld by us) hacked facebook account to concretize their evil with a view to buttressing their evil points.

Since lies cannot hide forever, those they lured into accepting their friendship who suspected the evil deal commented variously on the said post. These are unedited, please: “This is the height of abuse and misuse of social media. Do you know the implication of scandalizing a man of God? To smear someone’s Image could be termed as hatred taken too far. The general public should avoid the faceless human being with a fictitious, faceless and anonymous name. If he has genuine claims, why didn’t he put his face and his real name, why can’t he use legal means to buttress his point? The said conversation with Pastor’s daughter is fake as they have also hacked the account of the Pastor and that of his innocent daughter. This unidentified fellow only rushed to open a new facebook account a few days ago with few names as friends. PLS BE WARNED!?

“My uncle’s Facebook was hacked. Please be mindful of Anonymous”. “I don’t know who paid him to do this. For whatsoever reason they are doing this to a man of God, surely they will never go scot-free”. “I don’t think you will be forgiven for doing this” among other comments.

While members of the public are advised to beware of such criminal elements in the society, the security agents should wade into the matter to unearth some of these gangsters with a view to arresting and bringing them to book to serve as deterrent to others.

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