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Military Operations: Air Chief Seeks Total Radar Coverage Of Nigeria

Military Operations: Air Chief Seeks Total Radar Coverage Of Nigeria

Chief of the Air Staff (CAS) Air Marshal Hasan Abubakar has stressed the need for total radar coverage of Nigeria for effective military operations.

He stated that the repositioning of the NAF to meet the airpower demands of national security is “critically hinged on our ability to monitor our airspace through the implementation of military total radar coverage of Nigeria. This is a goal we have been tirelessly pursuing and it remains a vital objective until it is achieved.”

The CAS made the assertion while declaring open the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Communication Information Systems Conference for year 2023 with the theme “Exploiting Emerging CIS Technologies for an Agile and Resilient Nigerian Air Force to Effectively meet National Security Imperatives.”

He said the world is changing at an unprecedented pace and the landscape of modern warfare is evolving quickly, adding that „we are at the intersection of technology, artificial intelligence and network-centric warfare”. He said technology, artificial intelligence and network centric warfare are the driving forces that would shape the future of the NAF.

“Our ability to churn out ideas to harness the power of technology, will determine our success in ensuring the highest levels of operational effectiveness and efficiency. Similarly, a deep focus on artificial intelligence can revolutionise how we process data, analyse information and make informed decisions in real-time, thereby giving us the edge, we need to excel in theatres of operations around the country. In the same vein, we must seek out ways to improve our investment in state-of-the-art encryption and cybersecurity measures, in order to ensure secure communications in the NAF,” he said.

He enjoined participants to look towards the principles of network-centric warfare, „which comprise the ability to share data, collaborate seamlessly and coordinate operations across multiple platforms. This would enable us build a robust, interoperable network that connects all branches of the military and our allied partners“

In his welcome remarks, the chief of communication information systems, AVM Ibikunle Daramola, said the conference 2023 is aimed at suggesting ways to deliver innovative Communication Information Systems technology-based solutions towards the accomplishment of the Nigerian Air Force Mission.

He said the theme of the conference was carefully selected after diligent consideration of the daunting security challenges bedeviling the nation.

„This is because the resolution of these challenges requires innovative solutions, which emerging communication information systems technologies, be they in the land, sea, air, space or cyber domains, are able to deliver, because of their cross-domain, far-reaching capabilities.

„Beyond this, the core derivative of this conference is geared towards improving capacity of Communication Information Systems personnel as well as reinvigorating Communications Information System-based procedures with a view to enhancing Nigerian Air Force operational effectiveness,“ he said.

He said the conference was conceived with a view to repositioning the NAF Communication Information Systems specialties for better performance in support of NAF operations.


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