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NASS Urged To Make Laws Securing Nigerians’ Welfare

NASS Urged To Make Laws Securing Nigerians’ Welfare

An advocacy organisation, Stay Alert Human Rights Awareness Initiative, has called on the 10th National Assembly to pass laws that prioritise the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

During a press briefing in Abuja yesterday, executive-director of the group, Ambassador Hillary Onah, emphasized the need for legislation that safeguards the interests of the Nigerian populace.

Onah stressed that his organisation would diligently monitor the individual accounts of National Assembly members to ensure the effective implementation of constituency projects. He asserted, “As a human rights organization committed to upholding human rights values and seeking redress for victims of abuse, we will hold the assembly members accountable to ensure efficient and result-oriented representation.”

He further stated, “The primary responsibility of National Assembly members is to represent all Nigerians in their respective constituencies. We urge them to take action by enacting laws that promote the well-being of their fellow citizens. Referring to President Ahmed Tinubu’s inaugural speech, which promised fair hearings and equal representation for all citizens, Stay Alert Human Rights Awareness Initiative advocates for transparent governance.”

Ambassador Onah continued, “At this juncture, during the tenure of the 10th National Assembly, Stay Alert Human Rights Awareness Initiative appeals to the uncommonly performing Senate leader, Senator Godswill Akpabio, and other members to champion laws that foster national development and enhance the welfare of Nigerians.

We seek legislation that promotes the rule of law, a crucial aspect lacking in previous administrations, and encourages inclusivity in the nation’s governance.” He emphasized that such measures would facilitate meaningful citizen engagement in decision-making processes, thereby promoting good governance and effective leadership.

The organisation conveyed its congratulations to the newly elected Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio, the Deputy Senate President, Senator Barau Jibrin, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honorable Tajudeen Abbas, and the Deputy Speaker, Honorable Benjamin Kalu.It regarded their elections as a reflection of national unity.

 “Elections for the principal officers of the 10th National Assembly have concluded, constituting the most credible election in the history of the National Assembly and a true representation of national unity,” Ambassador Onah stated.

The organization expressed firm belief that Senator Akpabio’s leadership would garner the support of other National Assembly members to collaborate with President Ahmed Tinubu in delivering a government that benefits all Nigerians, restoring trust, hope, and dignity.

 “We extend our gratitude to all Nigerians for their support, particularly the members of the National Assembly who heeded our call to elect leaders of the 10th National Assembly based on merit, devoid of tribalism and religious biases. We now implore Nigerians and all National Assembly members to rally behind Senate President Senator Godswill Akpabio and the other elected officials for a successful tenure.”


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