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NINAS Reels Out Mechanism For Taking Down The 1999 Constitution

NINAS Reels Out Mechanism For Taking Down The 1999 Constitution

…Turning Off The Tap Instead Of Mopping Endlessly

As the Countdown Continues in the Union Dispute Declared December 16, 2020 by the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, NINAS and the Campaign is intensified towards the Termination of the Operation of the Toxic and Fraudulent 1999. All efforts and focus should be towards ending the Union of Death rather lamenting one more of the countless inequities of Unitary Nigeria.

Our Focus right now should be to Turn Off the Tap and on not any form of Mopping. The 1999 Constitution is the Tap from which all our Miseries Flow, whether it is the Killings Coming from the Fulani Invasion or the Monumental Corruption that breeds the Mass Poverty or the Acute Lopsidedness we see in all aspects of Nigeria’s National life.

Every effort to point out or call for the remediation of another Injustice or another Malfeasance is like Mopping instead of Turning Off the Tap from which all the Evils we lament Flow.  The More Honest, the More Potent and the More Rational Response to the Man-Made Deluge of Evils that Daily Gushing out of that 1999 Constitution and Swamping up all us in Nigeria is to Turn off the Tap; Not to Continue to Mop.

Let us Take Down the 1999 Constitution immediately and end the Unitary Union of Death, Attrition and Backwardness it foists instead of the endless Lamentations or feeble efforts to call out yet another evil amidst many.

We are much more closer to extinguishing this Known Source of all our Miseries than anything we may do towards amelioration, particularly regarding the Killings, Abductions and General Insecurity being orchestrated by Fulani Herdsmen Militia and the so-called Bandits who are all parts of the same Terror Machinery in which the Complicity and Collusion of the Fulani-Controlled Federal Government of Nigeria is becoming more and more manifest.

Within the Framework of the Self-Determination Right now being asserted by the Indigenous Peoples across the  NINAS Alliance Territory (South and Middle-Belt), the ouster of the 1999 Constitution immediately Activates fully the Right to Armed Self-Defence since it is the Repudiated 1999 Constitution that Prohibits and Prevents the endangered Peoples of the Alliance Territory from taking up arms in Defence of themselves and their Lands.

As the undisguised Fulani Invasion and Conquest Onslaught against the Indigenous Peoples of Nigeria  become more manifest and more obvious to more People, the urgency of the need to Halt that Onslaught become more obvious to more People.

The preponderant Question then becomes: “WHAT EXACTLY SHALL WE DO NOW TO TAKE DOWN THE 1999 CONSTITUTION?” The Answer to that Question is outlined below; but first, the Basis of the Answer:  (1) We now know that the 1999 Constitution is the Source of all our Miseries including the Killings, Mass Impoverishment and Hopelessness (2) The Life of that 1999 Constitution is Renewed once every four years by General Elections (3) Only Political Parties Contest Elections (4) All Political Parties in Nigeria Subscribe to the Evil 1999 Constitution and so no matter which of them win any future Elections, the 1999 Constitution remains in place and so our Miseries increase and our Extermination Contiguities (5) As condition for assuming office, winners of All Elections in Nigeria MUST swear to and govern by the 1999 Constitution and so the Source of our Miseries is reinforced.

IN THE FACE of the Countrywide Repudiation of the 1999 Constitution which was kickstarted  by the CONTIGUOUS 12-State Sharia Caliphate of the far North was the first Bloc to Repudiate the Secular 1999 Constitution by their SIMULTANEOUS Imposition of Sharia in year 2000; and the rest of Nigeria which Repudiated that Constitution by Solemn Assemblies of the Peoples of the Various Blocs, namely: Lower Niger: April 27, 2015 Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in Port Harcourt. Yorubaland: September 7, 2017 Yoruba Solemn Assembly, Ibadan. Middle-Belt : July 18, 2018: Emergency Assembly of the Peoples of the Middle-Belt, Markurdi AND in the Face of (1)-(5) above, the logic of the Situation Demands a Strategy that will break the Cycle of the Renewal of the Life of 1999 Constitution and therefore TERMINATE the Operation of that Constitution.

Having set out Clearly the  Mechanism for arriving at a TRANSITIONING Process by the December 16, 2020 Constitutional Force Majeure, and as the Nigerian situation continues to deteriorate dangerously, NINAS’ Strategy for Breaking this Cycle of Constitution Renewal, targets the Shutdown of the Voyage to the 2023 Electoral Cycle inside Q-3 of 2021 so as to Precipitate the Peaceful and Orderly TRANSITIONING from the failed Unitary Constitutional Order foisted by the 1999 Fraud to Fresh Protocols anchored on the Self-Determination Imperative for Constituent Peoples of the Defunct Federation of Nigeria.

Central to that Shutdown Strategy will be to prevail on All Political Parties in the Alliance Territory to Close Shop forthwith since the end-product of all their Activities in terms going to another round of National Elections in 2023 under the Repudiated 1999 Constitution will only result in the Renewal of the Life of that Constitution and therefore the Renewal and Reinforcement of the Source of our Miseries.

This Upfront SHUTDOWN of Elections being proposed here is totally different from BOYCOTT of Elections. (Election Boycotts are useless in the kind of situation we are trying to resolve in the Distressed Nigeria Union). This Shutdown Proposition is also not

about any off-season Election such as Governorship, Senatorial or House Membership Elections falling due in the period ahead of 2023.

Guided by the Domino-1 & Domino-2 Graphics herein, the December 16, 2020 CFM marked the attainment of the Domino-1 Milestone while the Project Actions Proposed for Q-3, 2021 (ie All-Important Election2023   SHUTDOWN inside the Third Qiarter of 2021) is depicted by Domino-2.

Except we deceiving ourselves, we cannot be Lamenting our Torment in  the Toxic Quagmire and Death Camp Unitary Nigeria has become for all Constituent Component Ethnic Nations in the South and Middle-Belt of Nigeria under the Caliphate-Imposed 1999 Constitution AND at the same time be preparing to go to further National Elections in 2023 under the same 1999 Constitution from which the our Lamentations and Torment Flow.

It is suicide especially because the Distressed Caliphate is also desperately looking for how to save their 1999 Constitution in order to Keep their CONQUEST and ISLAMIZATION Onslaught against the South and Middle-Belt going.

By the Mercy of God, the ball is now in our Court and we can EITHER be wise and Shut Down the Voyage of Doom called the 2023 Elections to save our Lives and Free ourselves from Bondage OR we proceed in folly, with the Caliphate to 2023 Elections thereby Endorsing and Enabling the Caliphate Killing and CONQUEST Onslaught against us by virtue of the 1999 Constitution. May Wisdom Prevail. NINAS Secretariat

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