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ORUK ANAM BOILS: As Palliative distribution goes berserk

ORUK ANAM BOILS: As Palliative distribution goes berserk

…As Village head battles his subjects

By Our Correspondent

Pandemonium struck between the village head of Edem Idim Ibesit at Oruk Anam local government and his subjects including the youths, men and women, elders at the council secretariat during the distribution of palliative sent to communities through the state government by the federal government.

The situation got worse when the expected forty bags of rice were released by the Local government to the Village head, Eteidung Aaron Jimmy Akpan. Contrary to the expectation of the people in the sharing of the items at the spot to avoid diversion, the village head was said to have confiscated the rice into his arranged vehicles to Whisk away, the action was confronted by the Youths as the atmosphere was tensed up until the Executive Chairman of Oruk Anam Local government area, Hon. Dr. Kingsley Frank intervened and ordered that the bags of rice be returned to the local government storage facility till further notice.

Findings by Century Newsfront have it that soon after they all left the council secretariat, the youths led by the youth president, Comrade Godwin Benson went to the palace of the village head requesting for their share of the palliative. Report has it that the village head, Eteidung Aaron Jimmy Akpan came out with dangerous weapons including well-sharpened matchet and a monday hammer and promised to annihilate them if they didn’t get out of his palace in the blink of an eye. The statement and action of the village head however angered the irate youth.

Century Newsfront also gathered from the grapevine that the Village head, Eteidung Aaron Jimmy Akpan is planning to report to security operative accusing the youths of their involvement in kidnap activities and violent crimes. Our source added that the village head had already whispered to two of his men to leave the village so as to report that they had been kidnapped by youths of the community.

Speaking to Century Newsfront, the youth president of Edem Idim Ibesit, Comrade Godwin Benson said that there was no violence whatsoever but were making their legitimate demands, “our outing today was not to cause any crisis but we were making our legitimate demand of the palliative sent to us by the Federal Government in which we are an integral part. I will not be surprised if there are cook-up stories of things that did not even happen, we are law-abiding citizens of this community”, he noted. All efforts to speak to the village head proved abortive as his 09052… and 08097… phone numbers rang severally but there was no response as of press time.

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