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Pastor Umo Eno’s Certificate Scandal and Gov Udom Emmanuel’s Alternative Plan

Pastor Umo Eno’s Certificate Scandal and Gov Udom Emmanuel’s Alternative Plan


The selection of Pastor Umo Bassey Eno fromNsit Ubiul local government area of Akwa Ibom State as PDP Governorship choice for the State was not a bad choice in any context. Pastor Umo Eno, a gentleman and pastor as the incumbent governor promised the people of the state that he will not hand over the Akwa Ibom Hilltop Mansion to a cultist, hence the choice. Given his fine looking physiognomy, height, body build up, eloquence in language and indeed, his polished skin and enticing complexion, Pastor Umo Eno is fit to govern the state, though many political pundits and juggernauts are of different views contrary to ours.

Aside this, Governor Udom Emmanuel told us that he prayed and waited on God to produce Pastor Umo Eno that is true because it actually took time to unveil this man of God to the people of the state. Governor Udom Emmanuel may not be perfect because he is not God and will never be, but to wait upon God to reveal his successor is a great honour to God, though his party men and women did not see it with him because most of them murmured in secret and open and said, “I don’t like this Umo Eno for governor, but since it is my party’s decision, well!”

The discovery by one of the PDP Governorship aspirants of the alleged forged West Africa Examinations Council (WAEC) certificate of Pastor Umo Eno with negating features did not start today; it was rumuored but was swept under the carpet long ago. However, it is Court of competence jurisdiction will tell us of the status of the certificate and the fate of our pastor and businessman. If the court will maintain the status quo, glory be to God but if the court decides otherwise, it will be the opinion of Century Newsfront Newspaper that Governor Emmanuel should do what we use to hear people say, “burry his pride” and go back to the basics, by starting a thorough scrutiny and search of a replacement from the original people of Itu/Ibiono Ibom Federal Constituency whose political turn was to produce governor for the first time in the history of the state.

It is on record that there are many ably and well qualified people from that FC of the PDP extraction who bought PDP forms, stood for the PDP governorship primary and even after the purported losing out, went home quietly and expect God’s will to be done and if so be that this thing is the figure of God, Governor Udom Emmanuel should not do what people say, “farting the third time is not a mistake”.

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