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RenMiss: Together We Can Make Nigeria Better

RenMiss: Together We Can Make Nigeria Better

The Man behind RenMiss in Akwa Ibom

My name is Precious Tim. I am the Akwa Ibom State coordinator of Rescue Nigeria Mission (RenMiss).

RenMiss, Aims And Objectives

RenMiss is Rescue Nigeria Mission. It is a novel movement with an ideology of all-inclusiveness in governance irrespective of tribe or religious profiling, centered around meritocracy with a clear blueprint to rescue the only country we have from the claws of insecurity, economic backwardness, infrastructural decay, redundancy, marginalization, industrial and agricultural de-revolution to mention but a few.

Taking all the above into consideration, Rescue Nigeria Mission “RenMiss” was borne by concerned Nigerian youths. RenMiss is a political movement for transforming Nigeria through political programs that focuses on bringing the youths and the political players together; to unanimously work towards reforming and strengthening our key democratic institutions such as the constitution, elections and political parties as a basis of providing a lasting solution to the lingering security challenges and foster socio-economic prosperity.

RenMiss provides a veritable platform for interaction and produces action-oriented knowledge products to facilitate the engagement of youths and key political players and enable common understanding and consensus on key institutional reform issues.

Membership and Benefit

RenMiss is for humanitarian services and it’s actually for every Nigerian who owns a Permanent Voters card, PVC irrespective of his/her political, religious or ethnic affiliation and have a dream and hope for a better Nigeria.

Again, I must reiterate here that we are not a political group but then, we are involved in politics because we as a rallying platform where every Nigerian especially the youths can fulfill his/her dream. You cannot stay out of politics and yet desire a change; you need to be involved so as to effect the desired change by electing credible into political offices. So, that’s the reason of our involvement in politics. As a matter of fact, RenMiss is a very big organisation with a huge numerical strength cutting across the 36 States and the FCT. We hold the opinion that it will be a good idea to get involved in politics because with our numerical strength we can effortlessly influence who occupy any public office in the country. Note that one of Nigeria’s major problems is leadership. Imagine voting into office a clueless leader without vision; of course you know how disastrous that could be and also whatever policy he comes up with will be binding on all whether you voted for him or not.

So, that’s the reason we are involved in politics using this platform to appraise who is seeking to lead the people if he’s one with vision and empathy for the Nigerian masses.

Spread of RenMiss in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria

We have membership strength of over 18.4 million and still counting in Nigeria and over a million members across the 31 local government areas of Akwa Ibom State and still counting too. Although, we are barely eight months in Akwa Ibom State and I must confess that the response from Akwa Ibomites is highly commendable. However, prior to this time, we have been working quietly behind the camera in all the 31 local government areas, the 10 Federal constituencies and the three senatorial districts of the State.

Message for Akwa Ibom people

Well, my message is first, RenMiss has come to stay. After politics, we will still continue because like I said earlier in the course of discussion, we are a humanitarian organisation. We are also involved in empowering the less privileged, we give grants to members, we award scholarship as well as visit hospitals to assist pay bills of less privileged.

Now, for one to be a beneficiary just visit our office at 185 Aka road, Uyo and get to know your local government, ward and unit coordinator, and get the form, fill and return and we flow like that and together we can make Nigeria a better country. Ensure you have your PVC as you visit our office, thank you.

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