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Saigon Worldwide Founder Condemns Action

Saigon Worldwide Founder Condemns Action

…Mass Shooting At The Owo In Ondo State Church Kills Dozens

The CEO of Saigon Worldwide, Prince Adekunle ojo has raised his voice that the incident of the church attack in Owo is another sad day in our nation’s history stating that: ‘’It is a sad Day in Nigeria, sad day for the Yoruba nation and a horrible day in Owo, Ondo state’’

Saigon Worldwide, a fashion home with head office in South Africa that has been creating meaningful brand connections through interactive Influencer events and bespoke fashion Items. The boss at the Fashion home concluded on the Owo Catholic Church incident where many were killed that: “the ungodly incident is a threat to the foundation and existence of Nigeria. Innocent lives have been lost to this inhumane act. Owo is close to my home.

I am a native of Akure, the capital of Ondo State and the people of Owo are very close to my heart. I hope our leaders will definitely do the right thing for the people of Ondo and then fish out the devilish people involved in order to stop such barbaric incidents from reoccurring”.

He described the perpetrators of the gory attack as evil, saying they should be ready to face the wrath of God. “The Federal Government must rise up to its responsibility, start a detailed investigation into the attack and also bring the perpetrators of this gory incident to book. Investigation into the Owo Catholic bomb attack should not be swept under the carpet as usual. Those that carried out the attack are living souls and not ghosts, so therefore they must be apprehended without wasting time.” His thought and prayers goes to the families of everyone affected by this terrorist act as he also prayed that the Lord will accept the souls of those who died.

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