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Before 2019 Elections Turn to Something Else

Grammatically, the word, election is a noun and an abstract noun with human connection. Early next year, the first quarter of 2019, Nigerians will go to the poll to elect their leaders ranging from the Local level (State Constituencies), States and the Federal levels. Presently, the 2019 election which is politically inclined had reached its crescendo amidst squabbles over one thing or the other. Elder statesmen, churches and mosques invariably are appealing to politicians to soft pedal their activities since according to them; politicians seem to overheat the polity. On the strength of this therefore, we in the century Newsfront Newspapers join forces with a warning that they should heed to the cry before the expected 2019 elections turn to something else such as creating encumbrances in this God’s given land, Nigeria.

Nigeria now seem to be faced with so many hitches some of which are politically motivated like unknown gunmen, kidnapping, political killings, ritual killings, dreaded Boko Haram, jihad warfare, Biafra threat to segregate, Niger Delta brouhaha, farmers/herdsmen  fracas, communal/boundary fight, family tussles among many others. These are enough problems to sink a nation. We strongly opine that since Nigerians have no other country than Nigeria, people mostly politicians who form a microcosm of the population of the society should play safe the 2019 elections in view of the envisaged danger ahead. To further aggravate the situation towards the upcoming exercise, many houses of assembly across the nation now experience turbulent sessions/plenary resulting in loss of positions by some Speakers, Deputy Speakers and other executive positions in the house.

Against this back drop therefore, where things continue to fall apart, it is eminent; that Nigerians should open their eyes wide because in a situation where the centre cannot hold, anything unpalatable can happen. Recall in 2010 when the activities of Boko Haram did not come to the fore, some so called ‘powerful Nigerians’ boasted that before them, the Nigeria Police and the army are nothing. May be Nigerians have forgotten about such boastful statements and what seen to be the action of such a people but since the interest of some Nigerians is politics and politics all the way, especially when it comes to electioneering period.

In our opinion, such situation calls for more unity among Nigerians and never a subject for political debates and a matter of if I be elected to be this or that in 2019, I would stop and bring Boko Haram to an end whereas the enemy is using the opportunity to cause more harm. It is therefore over candid advice to Nigerians not to over politicize issues and also eschew corruption which is believed over the years to be the bane of the society.

Finally, we like to add that 2019 elections will come and go, like other previous elections in the country and in the same vein, advice that Nigerians should be cautious about it afterall, Nigeria will still remain for the future to judge and posterity will not forgive what or who made Nigeria the giant of Africa to fall so low. Therefore, 2019 election should be violent free and let not Boko Haram take Nigeria away from us so that, “the labours of our heroes past, will not be in vein”.

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