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Buhari should declare free-education to orphans in Nigeria – 12 years old Pupil

Buhari should declare free-education to orphans in Nigeria – 12 years old Pupil

Idris Abdullahi is a poor orphan child, who appears to be the best student at Local Government Education Authority LGEA Primary School, Mashigi-kurmin Kaduna, which is located at igabi local government of Kaduna State North-Western Nigeria. During a chat with team of journalists that visited him at the school premises when he went to receive his certificate and testimonial, he explained how he usually engaged himself every night reading and revising what his teacher tough him in the class with bush lamp and candle.

The 12 years old says, education is the best thing for someone to have in other to enabled him change and become what he/she wants to be in the future, “am a poor orphan child living in a local mud house constructed with sand and other local materials, indeed my family are poor but I don’t believed am poor upstairs because am intelligent and I always try to retained what my teachers taught me in the class”.

Abdullahi says, “I developed a hobby of always revising all my note book every day from what my class teachers tough me, so as to enable me become who I want to be  in the future”. He says, due to high level of poverty and lack of what to eat in the house every day, when school closes, he has to go out and sale cook maize and other items, so as to bring something for the house to eat, “I never took second in the class, I’m always the first throughout my primary school and that why I want to be a pilot… I am calling on President Mohammadu Buhari to declare free-education to all the orphans across the 36 states of Nigeria”.

The old Primary School is the only one in the area with hundreds of pupils from various communities. According to the school teacher, Aliyu Ishaku Rabo, “the child is the most educated and intelligent and has a lot of wisdom in him, his mother cannot take care of his education because his father is dead and he has no elder brother neither any relative that can help him proceed with his educational career. I am taking him to Government Science School Musawa in Katsina state to enable him continued his education”.

Aliyu added, “even in the school, he is always  absent, because he has to go to the market and hawk in other to enable him cook maize and other food stuff to sale to feed the family”. Adding that sponsoring him would be the best option as this would be of great benefit to the entire people of the community, “I have decided   to allocate some percentage of my salary to help the poor child continue his education like every other child in this planet”. He noted that the pupil is the most discipline, obedient, hardworking and it’s always revising his note books at home. “However, hawking on the street always stopped him from coming to class regularly, because sometimes there is nothing to eat in their house, “What to eat in the house is the greatest challenges for the family, since last two years, when he lost his father after a brief illness in the village. The entire family now focuses on what to eat not about the child education because of poverty …That is why I want to sponsor him to have the best quality education in order for him to become what he aspires to be in life,” Rabo said.

Furthermore, the school teacher pointed that, since the construction of the school over 20 years, he is the one that break the best record, and been from the poor background, that is why I want to help him. Sa’adatu Abdullahi is the mother of the child and she expressed satisfaction over the effort made by the school teacher which is toward sponsoring her child to further his education. She said, they lost hope on the continuous education of their children since the death of their father been the only bread–winner in the family. Sa’adatu said, all I do every morning is to send them to hawk on the street never thought of dreaming a day like this would come. “I am the most happiest and grateful woman on this earth, seeing the fact that someone has volunteer to send her child to further his study”

Sa’adatu says her child is just 12 years and she is happy seeing that he is going to secondary school, “I pray that may the Almighty God continue to bless the teacher’s family”. Meanwhile the founder of a Non Governmental Organization in Nigeria, Foundation for the protection of women and children in Nigeria. Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani streets that, there is need for federal and state government to be awarding patriotic citizens who show concerned and support for the orphans education in the country. Ramatu says, such a teacher deserves a national honour, “It is true that, there is no other secondary school in this area and children communities such as: Makwalla, Kurmin Kaduna, Mashigi and Children in these communities have to use locally made canoe to cross the River when even they desire to further their secondary school education.

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