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How Christians themselves will be used by Muslims to Islamize Nigeria  By Ishaku Abdul’rahman Mohammed

How Christians themselves will be used by Muslims to Islamize Nigeria By Ishaku Abdul’rahman Mohammed

Ishaku Abdul’rahman Mohammed now a Christian wrote this letter to the senseless Christians to begin to use their brains. From what I see today in Nigeria I am very certain that Muslims would not need to use a violent jihad to Islamize Nigeria. Christians themselves will be used by Muslims to Islamize Nigeria. Afterwards the Muslims will turn against the Christians that helped them. These are the type Muslims call the useful idiots. Just ask yourself how Muslim nations became Islamic nations? Is there any record of them doing evangelical work? Did they tell people about how wonderful their prophet Mohammed is? How he raped women? How he beheaded nine hundred Jews in one day? How he had sex with a nine-year old girl? How he was demon possessed for one year? How he could not perform a miracle? How he is a prophet without a prophecy? How he sold slaves for weapons of war? If Muslims did not do evangelism how come there are 58 nations of the world who say they are Islamic countries? Including countries that used to be Christian countries. Many Christians will be lured with money to change to Muslim and by boyfriend girlfriend and inter marriage. Remember, the project is being sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Nigeria government therefore; money to convert Christians to Muslim will not be a problem. Please don’t tell me you can never be lured with money.

Ways to Islamize Nigeria

Buhari just registered Nigeria in the Islamic coalition against terrorism led by Saudi Arabia. – The first major conference Buhari would bring to Nigeria is the International Islamic Conference – Muslims are now using El Rufai Kaduna state as a test case to see how they can stop Christians from preaching the gospel not even for you to listen to a gospel message in your car. Who knows they may even ban gospel music. – Other northern states are copying Mr El Rufai’s law. – Fulani herdsmen are sacking Christian villages in the north. – The only minister to have died under Buhari happens to be a Christian – The only minister to have died under Buhari happens to be a Christian.

How I was converted to Christianity

I used to be a Muslim but now a Christian. I have been in hiding because anyone born a Muslim and converts to Christianity has a death sentence on his head. It is even worse now that they know I have decided to reveal their hidden agenda to the Nigerian Christians who stupidly voted Buhari. So much has happened since my last letter and God willing, I will continue to educate you as things unfold. Please pray for me because the forces of darkness are arrayed against me for telling the truth. And if you ever hear that I get killed don’t weep for me. Just know I have finished my race and am with the Lord Jesus. The same Jesus I rejected all my life as Muslim. The same Jesus I called a prophet of Allah who is a little lower that the false prophet Mohammed. To Jesus alone to be all the praise, glory and honor for saving me from the satanic cult called Islam. I now worship this same Jesus and will do so till am expire.

Muslims occupy a lot of high positions in PMB government

Have you noticed that whenever any Christian, occupying a high position in any government agency is removed only Muslims get to replace him or her? 200 military officers were retired recently and guess what? They were either southerners or Northern Christians. As far as the northern Muslim is concerned, if you are a southerner you are a Christian. And being a Christian means you are the worst creatures of Allah. Now you may ask why that is important.

How Mecca fell to Islam

I want to advice Niger Delta never to disarm. There is what we call in Islam, the treaty of hudaibiya. This is the peace agreement that their prophet, Mohammed had with the meccans. The peace treaty was to last for ten years but Mohammed, seeing that the meccans had relaxed, launched a military campaign two years into the peace treaty and that was how Mecca fell to Islam. This was Yar A’dua’s plan when he gave the militants amnesty. Had he lived longer the amnesty would have been stopped. Buhari actually thought that the militants had fully disarmed hence he stopped the amnesty. I guess Jonathan by the leading of the Lord empowered them even more militarily before he left. Mohammed said war is deception. The GMD of NNPC Mr Kachikwu was just relieved of his position and guess who replaced him? Another Muslim. Now they have started instituting corruption charges against him. One down more to go. Soon Amaechi will go too. Almost every Christian is out of government. All the military chiefs are Muslims. Custom, immigration etc are all headed by Muslims now. Yet my fellow senseless Christians still cannot see what is happening. Did you know that the new IG of police is also a Muslim? Do you know how many senior officers were retired just to pave the way for the new IG? Guess the first thing he did? Accused the former IG of stealing 24 police vehicles. Thank God that alarm was proven false but they never give up. They must find some frivolous charges against him. Just wait and see.

Buhari made huge promises that got people ecstatic

Talking about a Christian president. Do you know that in Islam it is forbidden for a Christian to hold a position of authority over Muslims? Since they could not deny the achievements of our Christian ex-president Dr Goodluck Jonathan they spun a huge propaganda around corruption. He was vilified as the most corrupt president Nigeria ever had. The press had a field day reporting monumental corruption under Jonathan. They knew the only way they could get the attention of the Nigerian is to mention corruption and we all fell for the deception hook, line and sinker. I will be naive to say there was no corruption under GEJ. No government in the world can claim to be corruption free. Yet it was made to look like Jonathan had stolen the wealth of the nation and crippled the economy. Buhari made huge promises that got people ecstatic. He was seen as the Messiah. Nigerians refused to see the economic growth under GEJ. Even when Nigeria was rated as the third and first fastest growing economy in the world and Africa no one paid any heed to it. Nigeria became the number one investment destination in Africa yet it seemed like it was all fairy tale. Today, just one year after GEJ we are no longer in the list of growing economies of the world. The effects are everywhere. The Nigerian economy is almost grounding to a halt. And guess what? They have now spun propaganda that what we are experiencing now is the effect of the misrule of GEJ. Again, Christians are buying this crap and swallowing it like a hot plate of delicious food. Eight months into the Buhari regime, the bureau of national statistics releases a report that over 4.5 million Nigerians have lost their jobs under Buhari. Time will fail me to expatiate.

Christians, Muslims and corruption

Have you noticed how Christians and Muslims are treated when it comes to corruption cases? They go to the media to convict people of corruption and when they eventually take them to court and the court gives a verdict they don’t like the disobey the court order. Mr Fani Kayode was in detention for over sixty days. You were told that it was because of corruption. How many Muslims have been so treated? As far as I know. Only Dasuki is getting that treatment but again that is understandable. It was Dasuki, then a very junior officer that arrested Buhari during the Babangida coup that overthrew Buhari in 1983. Muslims don’t forgive. The god of Islam requires Muslims to take vengeance unlike our God that says vengeance is mine. The most unfortunate part of this is that we Christians use our values to judge Muslims yet we know absolutely nothing about their values. We don’t know anything about the tenets of that religion. Mohammed was a very vengeful person. He killed all those who made fun of him. Even those who criticized him. That is why Buhari cannot stand criticism.
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