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Dehumanization of Corruption under democracy

Corruption like any other word in its class is a noun. It is a common noun like fan, table, umbrella and stick but the difference lies on the fact the later are things one can but corruption is something one cannot see but has human connection and so, it is abstract.

The same could be said of democracy which is a system of government of the people, by the people and for the people. While democracy has a pleasant effect corruption has a devastating effect on the people and the society at large.

For quite some time, corruption had been with the people and since had been identified as the bane of the society. The dehumanizing effects of poverty and squalor bring about the many ills of the society whereby a group or number of people engage themselves in armed robbery, kidnapping, killings, falsification of facts and figures among others, thereby make life difficult for the inhabitants. As a result of this, the present government most especially, at the national level finds it difficult to set the machinery of governance in action rather it involves itself in the fight against corruption in the face of insurgency which for some years now had threatened the peaceful life of the people in the North Western part of Nigeria mainly Borno, Adamawa, Maiduguri and Yobe resulting in the death of thousands of people and destruction of property.

This, in no small way portray the ugly side of corruption which since its inception had eaten deep into the fabrics of the society and since it is abstract and faceless as earlier stated, it becomes difficult to dehumanize it especially as it had found itself across the high places. Some blame the leader for not facing the war squarely and decisively too. If such issue demand rash action is a matter of the moment and if any irrational reaction stem the action where it had ever been known that all powers corrupts and absolute powers corrupt absolutely.

Though the nation practices democracy which is a very clean form of government, it does not mean that corruption should be given a peace in the system to operate. If that were to be so, the tangible development could have been achieved else it has meant that corn or maize were placed or kept open inside a poultry yam or cassava careless kept where goats are.

As a matter of the moment, to ensure a peaceful society and a sure democracy, let all Nigerians give President Buhari a chance to fight the war against corruption the way he wants and when there seem to be too much this or that the fight might not be won but let the nation pray that the way we are going especially election matters, the Judiciary will not legalize illegalities.

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