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End Time with Emerging Phases of COVID-19 Indices

End Time with Emerging Phases of COVID-19 Indices

By Monday Akpan

Before attempting to comment on the above subject matter, let us prick our minds or try to recall what world-class musicians like Jimmy Cliff and Jim Reeves in their works said about the world. Jimmy Cliff in the era of his works asked: “Who owns the world?” While Jim Reeves on his part declared: “This world is not my home”. Whatever prompted them to enlighten the inhabitants of the world there was best known to them and the prospective listeners. In answer to Jimmy Cliff’s question as to who owns the world, he said, “the Only Sovereign Lord owns the world where He in this own architectural intellect also created the sun, moon and stars”. Also, Jim Reeves in his work declared that he was just passing through the world as a stranger and never his home.

From the arrangement and the message of the musicians in their works, no human created the world but they were given the right by the Supreme Creator to stay in the world which is not their permanent home. But with the outbreak of COVID-19, it is understood from the United States Intelligence Community, which had reportedly concluded that China intentionally misrepresented its Coronavirus numbers; accusing China of covering up information about Coronavirus cases and of spreading misinformation.

Accordingly, more than 1,850, 000 (One Million, eight hundred and fifty thousand) persons across the globe are said to be infected by the disease while over 114,000 (one hundred and fourteen thousand) of them are believed to have died as at the time of writing this article. The outbreak said to have originated last year in the city of Wuhan in China’s Hubei province is said to be increasing each day throughout the world. A closer look at this reveals that this is man-made. In our local parlance, it is often said “Ibak abak idem” while on religious grounds could be said, “Back to sender”.

Summing up all the blah, blah, blah above it, therefore, means that no one owns the self-acclaimed world power, which seems to be as a result of their fight for supremacy. For now, we learn of the World Economic Order, which can never metaphors into God’s Kingdom which hoped to be established at a time such as this. Remember what took place in 1948 when darkness covered the earth and was tagged total eclipse of the sun and lasted briefly before returning to the normal hour of the day.

So, unlike what is going on now COVID-19, which has taken weeks and no man; which no one knows when it would end had brought about the devastating effect on communities including those in the developed world. Nigeria herself is said to have been infected by 323 (three hundred and twenty-three) persons while 5 are said to have died while in other places the death toll is put in the region of thousands including China, Italy while America is the worst hit.

Be that as it may, no one knows when the world would come to an end, neither can any man could cause the creator to bring the world to an end by themselves or their powers. These, however, can only put fears in especially those who do not trust and believe what the sovereign Lord had said about the end of the world mainly that no man has the power to destroy what they cannot create. A visit to the Obudu Cattle ranch in Cross River State here on earth and there on top of its mountain you will see and covered with fear what the Lord had done among the Sun, Moon and Earth above the sky.

Finally, as it is now, it is better to be patient, go back to the Lord, trust Him, have faith in Him for He knows everything and no one can ever attempt what was meant for Him to do like the destruction of the earth. May the Good Times Roll. And may COVID-19 never cause the world to metaphor into an atomistic society, always at war with itself -Amen.

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