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Keke Menace: the Uyo Experience

Keke Menace: the Uyo Experience

Excess of everything it is said, is a disease. Keke or keke Napep in this matter is not in itself a menace but its operators make them a menace. May be the man who gave this brand of vehicle the name was or is the same person who flooded the street of Uyo and other major cities in the country with a brand of vehicles called “aka Uke”, okade or “ala alok” which also posed a menace to the people.

In this matter of Keke or Keke Napep one can suggest or say may be the man was or is a stammener  who could only pronounce Keke, Keke Keke while trying to say where or at where, a common question put by Okadas when they see a pedestrian walking or standing by the side of the road. Any such situation the menace matter arose.

As a matter of the moment, the Okada, aka Uke or ala alok of yesterdays be it major or minor streets or roads would damn any situation while moving or in few cases stop to en   quire where the pedestine wants to go. This is embarrassing especially when one needs no such service. It becomes a menance when not less than ten of them do so at separate intervals.

In this Keke era, the situation is not different and theirs seem to be the worst because they may either stop on ones nose or if the padestine was moving, you see them swiftly pass the person and stop automatically right near in front of the person as if wanting to arrest the person. This happens everywhere even at roundabout where vehicles from different routs need their right of way to proceed to their destinations.

Imagine a situation like this when this Keke people stop at the roundabout to drop or pick a passenger at the roundabout one sees that free flow of traffic becomes turf and movement also becomes stopped.

Keke business is good but the operators seem to make the business goof especially when they know that they have carried enough passenger and again searching for more at the roundabouts when they should be moving to give way to other traffic. The business as already been stated is good in as far as people seen them in abundance to transact almost are kinds of business as well as help the government in providing the operators some kind of employment.

As a matter of the moment, let the operators look inward by  way of showing sanity in the business for a peaceful, meaningful and progressive society. A lot of funny and goofy stones had in the past been told about this caliber of people using Keke to undo unsuspecting passengers and the matter of the moment believes that with their change of heart the internal transportation problem earlier faced by the citizen of the state would be no more.

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