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 Manifesto for the post of  State Internal Auditor


Evang. Saviour Ekpe, JP



 (For the NUJ 2016 elections manifesto presentation)


I have for nearly three years served diligently, as member of the State Executive Council as Chairman of Newsfront Chapel of this great union. This has afforded me a greater understanding of the workings of the union. Most notably and intrinsically, as chairman, I was directly involved in every aspect of the union activity including finance, administration etc. I believe, this invaluable experience has given me the insight required to perform the duty of the Auditor at the state level. Having served under extremely competent Auditor of the union, Mr. Ephraim Ikpe, I am more aware of the competing ways in which similar issues which face the union year in year out can be approached.

I have many personal attributes which I believe strengthen my resolve to be Auditor. I have achieved numerous trainings and as a man with a very good background in science and indeed, a highly religious man. My ability to balance many competing interests crucially demonstrates my effective time management skills, which is a key to any successful leader.

According to the laid down NUJ constitution, which stipulates:

“The Internal Auditor shall be responsible for the auditing of the accounts of the union at least twice a year. He shall ensure that all expenditure conform with the financial guidelines… which shall be submitted for verification and adoption” . (Article 5 Section C Subsection 6)

To the best of my knowledge, I will ensure that the constitution of our union reigns supreme and guides all my actions and activities.

Ambitions and Goals

It is fair to say that the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) has always gone from strength to strength; this is no small part due to the inherent desire of the present leadership in the state, Elder Patrick Albert to ensure that NUJ meets up with the challenge of the 21st Century. Our union has the potential of making impact on a national scale by hosting internationally renowned speakers and by developing the journalism skills of the next generation of journalists. As Auditor, these are some of the aspects of the union I would endeavour to enhance:

  • I will assist the NUJ leadership in the state to continually uphold and insist on the practicability of ethical adherence of this great profession by practitioners.
  • I will also use my good offices to ensure that members’ welfare is well catered for.
  • Public interest, which is a central tenet in media practice, will equally be protected. This means that the ideological neutrality would be maintained in the cause of serving the union and members of the public.
  • I will endearvour to add to impressive impacts of the development of this state and the country in order to strength the democracy, which journalists fought for.
  • I pledge my loyalty to ensure that the union accounts are effectively audited. In addition to this, as a practicing journalist.
  • The media as we all know, just like speech are very important instrument in the society. It is a conditio sine qua non for the development for the development of the union and with my professional training in the discipline, I shall at all times support all activities that will skyrocket our great union through objectivity and fairness to all issues.
  • I submit myself to you today to support me as you will never regret having me as your state Auditor.

Thank you for listening, God bless.

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