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Reigners Bible Church Collapse Today

Reigners Bible Church Collapse Today

December 10, 2017 marks one year since the collapse of the Reigners Bible Church situated along Uyo Village Road, Uyo where scores of people were said to have lost their lives. That was as a result of the collapse of a certain rooftop which fell on some unfortunate worshippers at that section of the church at an occasion for the ordination of the president and founder of the church, Apostle Akan Weeks as Bishop, many other worshippers at the service which attracted a cream of the society including the state governor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel who narrowly escaped unhurt.

The state government immediately swung into action by setting up a commission of inquiry on Dec. 15, 2016 led by retired Justice Umoekoyo Esang as Chairman to look into the immediate and remote cause of the incidence.

However it was reported that the panel had on July 5, 2017 submitted its findings to the government. Against this backdrop therefore, Newsfront newspapers wishes that such panel report be made public since it was a matter that concerned the public. The public, is therefore bound to know whether it was a divine act, man-made or devilish such report would help the public to guard against similar occurrence in future and of course, according to the Holy Bible when the similar incidence happened in a synagogue, it was a panel report that made the public to know that it was Sampson, Delilah’s husband who caused the havoc, it was neither God nor the Devil.

It is our opinion therefore, that this report be made known urgently so that if the panel recommended it was an economic reason that made the contractor or whosoever to patronise low quality building material dealers, such would let future builders to know what kind of material or contractor they have to patronise the long silence from the state government on the issue does not serve the public any good as this in turn would lead to speculations and rumours. The time is ripe now for the report to be made known to the public after three hundred and sixty six (366) days; fifty two (52) weeks & two (2) days; one year & one day. Finally we thank the Almighty God as the number one Akwa Ibom State citizen, Deacon Udom Emmanuel survived the ugly incident and while condoling with the families of those who lost their lives and the church as well we pray that those maimed, others with permanent scars should see it as an unavoidable accident and that God knows why it happened.

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