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The Fewer the Better

This group of words seems to make sense though a phrase. Yes, for those fully aware of when and where and what the phrase stands for and the purpose and matter the phrase could be used for, the phraseology has all that sentence had. For fear that the matter might not land you where you least expected. A little down you will catch the show. Contemporary event across the globe even right from individual financial, the groups of words directly or indirectly apply for the benefit or interest of those concerned. In every communication setting, be group, societal , religious or political, this group of words thrives and like any other situation, the state of the matter that its advantages and disadvantages.

In the political sphere especially as it concerns those who believe in the sharing of the maxim, ‘the winner takes it all’, this set of people will be over joyous when something like national cake has to be shared among a few member or and to wards. With this on ground, various working, plans and formulae come to play as the people especially those at the top would like to ensure that what belongs to the is rich, good, fabulous and reasonable enough in consonant with their offices.

This, one sees that at such movement fewer is better but at the time of accountability, many more becomes better. Religiously, fewer can never be better as the offering realized in some gatherings do not guarantee good development of the body. This, to some extent has brought about various funny stories told about some religious groups, whaou-o! Thanks, God is not like man for if it were to be so, many could not have been in existence today.

In societal and organizational spheres, many funny tales and happening occur when ever and space of satisfying the body comes up pertaining a good formula that will satisfy all. One funny element that was not noticeable for long corps in sometimes still not noticeable and sometimes noticeable because of the movement of some people better described as cabal. This movement may led to destruction or threat to the existence of the society or organization war of words, big grammar and, sometimes blows arise as a result of lack of understanding or not finding a solution syndrome that are there in every society or organization because of the other believe that man must whack.

As a matter of movement, what then would be done to ensure that this intelligent phrase is curbed whenever some people try to introduce it anywhere because of the inherent fear or danger associated with it corrupt practices and peoples fraudulently use this to cause confusion or belittle others in the society to achieve their selfish ends so that others see them as king Kong, winner of some sort or so, but at last it is observed that he or she has taken all. What! In this way, the society cannot develop and for it to develop there should be a change and let the change begin with the motto or slogan of the change mantra.

This change will not bring about war which the commander- in- chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and president of the most populous country in Africa, President Muhammed Buhari is preaching against that Nigeria cannot afford to experience and the civil war. With that, the matter of the moment falcons suit and re-echoes the presidential tune adding that WAR IS NOT GOOD. So, stop that cabalistic move anywhere you find yourself to let Nigeria move forward.

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