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The much talked about 2019 elections had come and gone but its memories, wounds, scars and effects linger on in the minds of electorate both affected Nigerians at home and abroad. To start with and presently, about seven hundred and thirty six (736) petition arising from the post election are being handled and before the electoral tribunals throughout the country. A total of ninety one (91) political parties took part in the elections.

In Akwa Ibom state where not all the registered political parties took part in the exercise, about thirty four (34) petitions are said to be before the tribunals. This goes to confirm the point that the 2019 election though over is not yet over. In some quarters mostly in the Christendom, it is said and believed that it is not over until God pronounce so. In this context, until the tribunal and courts pronounced so before it could be said that the 2019 election was over. Lessons from past elections in the country attest to this.

It could be recalled that the 2015 gubernatorial election between former governor Akpabio and Frank Okon, a governorship candidate in the said election is yet to be pronounced over. Another aspect, the 2019 election could be said to be not yet Uhuru is when getting near the families where during campaigns and other political activities people are killed, maimed, kidnapped and duped of fabulous amounts of money and others who sunk reasonable amount of money and failed in the election. Many of them were repented to have committed suicide. In such cases, it is hard to let go easily such memories, hence the caption of this write up, “2019 elections over but not yet Uhuru”!

To put a stop to most of these lingering memorial, politicians should first of all see and consider election as a game as it is in wrestling, football, ludo, scrabbles and so on and never as a do or die affairs. Afterall, winning an election for a certain position is never permanent. After all, if the matter of the moment may ask, where are the one time presidents, governors, with due respect to the past heroes like Ironsi, Murtala, Abacha, Ojukwu with their military immunity. Respectable gentlemen like Shagari Shehu, Yar Adua, U.J. Esuene and many others, name them and then show the World why the present day politicians should will the right to kill and be killed for any elective position.

The way and manner the present day politicians conduct themselves and their party affairs have affected and spoilt many families and churches because their members use their influences, lesson, practices and whatever, idiosyncrasies to destabilize their immediate families for the sake of power, they need irrespective of their position in the family even though they might be least or last in the natural line up. Their zeal and lucrativeness of the political affairs especially in Nigeria give rise to the uselessness of lives in many sectors of the national economy. These should be checked in line with fighting corruption in the country. This is necessary for the fact that is left so loose the next era of corruption in 2023 could be such that may sink Nigeria.

            Observably, many politicians are seen and known as tongue thrillers and they use this to confuse  unsuspective  electorate especially by saying a particular state, region, community or area belongs to a particular party when in the real sense none of the present 91 political parties can claim right of these geographical demarcation which had existed many centuries ago.

Finally, for the proper cleansing of the society all hands should be on deck to aid corruption, ethnicity, selfishness, hate speech and other vices from the nations so that on or before 2023 Nigeria can be sure of a peaceful election without which at the rate things are going, politicians night cash in and set the nation ablaze for the sake of selfishness and ethnicity.

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