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End time prophesy and present day realities

A look at both national and local dailies speak of heart shaking events and also listening to both national and international news on the radio and television including social media, the case is the same and people often ask what the matter is and why is it so? Now being what had happened before and more so, the holy bible speaks together with the prophet about it concerning times like this, one has to be prayerful. Jesus Christ, the son of God prophesied that there would be wars and murmurs of wars and again nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom. He spoke many other things to take place happen a new see or hear being considered as the present realities like wanton killings, rappism, to mention but few.

Remember in 1914 precisely 104 years ago the Second World War erupted where millions of people and soldiers alike perished. That was how and when nation rose against nations and kingdom against kingdom thus marking the beginning of the end time. Similarly according to what Christ said about the end time, each year millions of people die of heart ailment, cancer, monkey pox, small pox, HIV and AIDS, Ebola and other diseases. Million more die the slow death of hunger mostly among the pensioners and the likes because of the lack of care of some sorts. Jesus also foretold the increase in crime and lawlessness throughout the world.  These and more point out to the fact that the world is gradually getting to an end which none can put a stop to it apart from what is written in 2 Thessalonians 5:2-3 that the day would be like a thief in the night.

Now that this is so, what are the Boko Haram, unknown gunners, kidnappers, Fulani herdsmen and lots more trying to do about bringing the world to an end forgetting that holy bible in Daniel 2: 44 and revelation 16:14-16 clearly stated how this will go without any revelation of any human force or group like what people hear about cultists, badoo among others. Even in the final war of wars named Armageddon, what the bible talks about those in the warfare are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs ready for the battle. This is far from what the North Koreans are doing and what president Donald trump is trying to do to stop them. The Russians, Chinese, Japanese, and world powers are also in the show invariably to talk about peace but the bible has said: “while people are saying peace and safety, destruction will come … and they will not escape.”

As a matter of the moment, which man or who had ever made anything impossible, possible? Answer, now except the creator, Jehovah God who only allows these atrocities for the fulfillment of what his prophets foretold and for those blaming the situation in Nigeria on President Buhari let they refer to the few bible verses mentioned above they will discover that the present day realities in Nigeria and the world over are beyond human capability to provide solution, some of these leaders play indirect role for the fulfillment of some of these prophecies either positively or negatively.

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