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Let politics in Akwa Ibom not be with tears

Politics in the real sense and meaning of it is a game like football, scrabble, Ludo among others and normally very exciting when wins and if on the opposite, the losers take it so and feel as if nothing has happened, it is never a do or die affair. These days, politics unlike what it was in the second republic has taken a new direction in the country, nay Akwa Ibom State bringing unnecessary tears to winners and sometimes to both winners and losers. Similarly, sometimes unsuspecting supporters of either winners or losers share in the agony.

Against this backdrop therefore, we in the Century Newsfront Newspapers advice that politics should not and never be with tears. The rate of political killings, hate speeches, character assassinations, deceits, blackmails and many other vices make politics no more honourable and exciting rather, these make it to be a dirty game full of tears and regrets and woes.

We opine however, that politics should be without tears to make it more encompassing to ensure smooth development of the society. Moreso, the much needed peaceful co-existence would be achieved. Afterall, in politics, everybody is indispensable, one needs the other person to ensure success especially, within the same political lines. On the heels of these, we condemn the recent hate speeches and actions of some politicians in the state, which bring about physical assault on a fellow politician, these things ought not to have been so.

If the reports and rumours making the rounds on the issue are a truism, we employ the parties concern to find a peaceful and political solution to the matter before more harms and confusions set in and destabilize the entire system. Our people in the fishing community say, “iko ikot iyaak akwenge ke ikot iyaak”, which by interpretation is, misunderstanding in the fishing settlement or creek ends within the fishing community”.

To this end, no matter the degree or annoyance between or among the politicians at the venue of their meeting or bothering on any issue, the matter should not have spilled or transferred to another venue or the ears of the general public. Finally, politicians should avoid bad politics but play according to the rules of the game, which politicians like K. O. Mbadigwe referred to as “concord de concordiance”; Ibrahim Babangida in his word said, “a little to the left, a little to the right and back to the centre while a former Minister for Information, Baba Gana Gingibe said, “if you are a carpenter, carpenter well; if you are a commissioner, commissioner well, a governor, you governor well”. So let the present day politicians borrow a leaf from these politicians and give peace a chance in Akwa Ibom State.

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