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If corruption must be fought and won…

Corruption had been a long standing enemy of human beings and the society. Known to had eaten deep into the fabric of the society, institutions, departments and parastatals including governments and societies had over the years been destroyed, ship wrecked while several individuals had been reported dead and buried. Even though not visible but abstract, Governments all over the world wage serious wars against it to stamp out from society. Oxford advanced learners Dictionary describes corruption as dishonest or illegal behaviour especially of people in authority.

Consequent upon this, such people are known elected or appointed persons into offices of governments for the benefit of the electorates under a particular government. Presently in Nigeria, a serious war against corruption under President Muhammadu Buhari is ongoing and a lot of casualties had been reported. Some had been said to be hospitalized, others imprisoned while many more are said to be running from pillar to post, defecting from one political party to the other in search for a safe heaven.

We in the Century Newsfront Newspapers see this as a welcome development especially as this had led to the discovery and retrieval of so much loot by the politicians from government treasuries. The devastating effect of this action to the nation left much to be desired particularly concerning payment of workers’ salaries, pensions and gratuity of retired civil servants, abandonment of government projects general apathy and hardship.

While appreciating the effort of the present day government in fighting to restore the lost glory, we advise that the fight should not be one sided and selective but holistic. One sided on the fact that be Mr. ‘A’ of ‘Q’ party should not be probed because of being in the same party while the other Mr. S and Mrs. B of other parties must be probed and brought to book so that our party in 2019 could excel.

We also advise that upcoming politicians should guard against making so much noise in the polity instead of concerted effort to improve the society and the people therein. They should avoid being self centered and flamboyance to ensure peace and progress of the nation. It is our opinion that a fight of such a hydra headache monster like corruption should involve every Tom, Dick and Harry and not that of the government alone.

Afterall, under the present dispensation, who is the government? It is of the Tom, Dick and Harry by the Tom, Dick and Harry for the Tom, Dick and Harry. Push it not only to the neither government nor Buhari because he is head and what shall be the profit if head goes and corruption buries it together with the nation? Nothing, just join hands to remedy the nation together.

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