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  • Permanent Secretary Fights dirty in office over allegation
  • Group of teachers owed 48 Months’ salary to set the state aflame
  • HOS battles Transition Chairman over illegal debts

Until of recent, civil service the world over has been known for decorum, excellence, reticence and dutifulness in carrying out their operation, and even in their conduct irrespective whose ox is gored.

Based on experience and findings, there are some elements in the civil service, particularly that of the state that turned themselves into semi-gods in the discharge of their duties, not minding the fact that civil service is like Barracks where ‘soldier come, soldier go, barracks remain’.

Several stories have been made about some civil servants in the state employ, particularly Ministry of Works ranging from the abuse of office, physical fights, the use of vulgar language and many other vices. Of particular interest to the media was the open confrontation on Journalists by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works, Mr. Ifreke Ekpa. Century Newsfront learnt that the brawl played out in the office of the Information Officer, Mr. Uwem Ben as the Journalists intended meeting the Information Officer in line with the their ethics of practice, which courtesy sometime demands so meeting could be arranged with the Permanent Secretary. The media professionals were flabbergasted seeing the Permanent Secretary panting like a wounded lion into the office and shouted aloud thus, “I know what you people are trying to do. I will not bother to respond to any of your questions, go ahead and publish when the chips are down, we will know”, Mr. Ekpa roared. An eye witness told Century Newsfront that Mr. Ekpa held one of the Journalists by the cloth and dragged him to get out of the premises in the process, his smart phone and working tool fell to the ground and scattered in pieces and shouted, “get out of this place, you people are sponsored, you want to spoil things for me, I will not allow it. Shut up”, he shouted down one of them that were trying to plead for calm, “don’t ask me any question”. Century Newsfront gathered that the visit of these Journalists was on the heels of making certain finding to balance the story of allegation of gross misconduct in the civil service against him. Watch out for next edition as Century Newsfront comes out with full details of this story and many others as worms would be let out of the can.

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